April 10 - Closure:  Staff Training/Family Conferences

Program Updates

From Jeri 
Interim Executive Director

The winds of spring are blowing warm and strong, waking up all living things—including our children! More and more time is being spent outdoors.
The winds of change continue to blow, too. Last month our fiscal manager, Terry Miley, accepted a wonderful position with Bradley Angle House, a shelter for families experiencing domestic violence. Terry is excited about this new adventure, and while we’re pleased for her opportunity, we’re sorry to see her go. She kept our finances in-line for the past three years and we’ll have a tough time filling those shoes.
In the short term, a part-time contract fiscal manager will make sure our bills are paid and our obligations are being met. Tina Garland, our new office administrator, has quickly stepped into the role of keeping our family accounts current. If you’re a Peninsula family and have questions about your billing, please feel free to contact either her at extension 10 or Jeri at extension 21.
Finally, we’re in the middle of interviewing for our next executive director, and we have some stellar applicants. Late in March we interviewed seven candidates and then families and staff had the chance to meet the finalists. During the first couple of weeks of April we’ll wrap up the interviews, check references, and hope to have our new leader in place before summer.
During all these times of transition, it could be easy to lose focus on the core reason we’re here, but we haven’t done that. Our children continue to grow and thrive under the phenomenal care and support of our dedicated team of teachers.

New tricycles arrived, the classroom floors have received a new spit-polish, crawlers are becoming walkers and walkers are becoming runners…this is one of the happiest places in the city, and we love being here!


Notes from Michele
Director of Education

“Young children’s emotional connections with parents and caregivers are the driving force in developing their intellect. Continuity of care allows infants and toddlers to bond securely with their caregivers, allowing brains to develop to their full potential.” 
- J. Ronald Lally Ed.D, WestEd Center for Child and Family Studies.

During the past year Peninsula has looked deeply at providing fewer transitions for children and their families. We have blended our preschool classes to be a range of 3- 5 year olds and begun to reflect on the best practices in infant to 3 year olds in anticipation of the fall transitions. This is a time that babies, toddlers and juniors learn and grow in the context of relationships. Families, teachers and those first attachments create a secure base from which to explore and learn about the world around them.  Secure attachments enable children to have trust in their environment, confidence in exploring and to develop a positive sense of self. This is called Continuity of Care. Our teachers are supportive and excited about the journey ahead to best meet children’s needs and growth as teaching professionals.

How does 
Continuity of Care work?

Each child has a primary caregiver to support strong relationships, small groups with a team of 2 to 3 teachers. Though the team provides for all children in the class, the primary caregiver maintains the caregiving relationship over several years to provide stability and consistency for the child and family.

The primary teacher begins to read the child’s cues and rhythms and is responsible for supporting the child’s development and communicating with the family. Children under three (generally by September 1) would remain in a small cohort of peers and transition once a year with their teachers each September until preschool. Teachers will have access to high quality training, observation and mentoring in each age group. Children and families will have continuity and a sense of belonging.

Please join Michele and Alicia in the Commons for more information, resources and to share your thoughts and questions on Friday, April 10th 8:00-8:15, 8:15 to 8:30, 4:00-4:15 or 4:15-4:30

From Alicia
Curriculum & Licensing Coordinator
Did you know that the deadline to register for Kindergarten is June 1st?

Registering on time provides big benefits for you and your child:

1.       Your child will have opportunities to meet their teacher and tour the school before school starts.

2.       You will be invited to a kindergarten event at the school.

3.       Families will get access to resources such as before and after
school programs.

4.       Opportunities to meet other families

5.       You child may have an opportunity to participate in an early kindergarten program

6.       The teacher is ready for the child, can greet them by name and start off the year right!

Registering on time also allows school adequate time to prepare for the number of children enrolled. They use enrollment information to know how many teachers to hire, and which classrooms will be used.

To get information on which school your child will attend, check the Connect to KG links here:

From Abby
Director of School Age Programs

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break!  We had a great time at Sabin and Boise.  We read books, painted flower pots, learned to crochet, made up stories and had an awesome visit from Art a la Carte who brought all the arts and craft supplies we could imagine!

Now we are moving into the homestretch of the school year.  Please remember to sign your child in and out, please check parent folders for artwork or important updates and remember we are a NO PEANUT facility.  When you provide lunch during full days or extra snacks after school, they must be peanut free.  Your child will not be allowed to eat peanuts on site.

Summer registration is available!  We will be having our summer program at Boise-Eliot this year.  Students ages 5-12 can enroll no matter what school they attend.  Please ask your site director for registration information.

Peninsula is closed April 10 and there is a late start April 15.  Please check in with your site director about signing up for late start.  Happy April!

Boise- Eliot/ Humboldt
Please welcome our new site director at Boise.  Her name is Lillian and she is super excited to be working with the kids at Boise.  She will officially transition as site director April 6.  The Boise kids have been enjoying many craft activities with a focus on Ocean creatures. Over the Spring Break they made water color whales and re-purposed brown bag jellyfish. Additionally, ocean books and sea themed games have been popular. The daily reading time has been a wonderful quiet time to rest and rejuvenate. The Boise kids are really enjoying doing daily crafts activities and are looking forward to what each new day brings.  

Please welcome Mr. Jeremy!  He will be working with Ms. Kelsey in the afternoons at King.  He has been working as a preschool teacher at Peninsula’s Maryland site and is interested in working with older kids.  We are so happy to have him join us!  King will start out the month of April celebrating Easter and exploring Spring. Later in the month we will learn all about Disney and Dr. Seuss. We are excited *fingers crossed* for more sunny days outside. The students have really enjoyed bringing their learning outside through a variety of crafts and games. Please help us welcome our new teacher Jeremy and don't forget we are closed April 10th for staff training. Have a wonderful month!

Starting April 6, we will welcome Ms. Francine back to our afternoon program.  We have certainly missed her.  Our activities for the month of April will include starting a zine, finishing up our habitat unit learning about forests, observing Earth Day, and of course all kinds of cool arts and crafts.  Mrs. Abby is starting the reading program during homework time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for those students who need extra help with reading.  Let Mrs. Abby know if you are interested. 

We look forward to our last three months of the school year with this group of students.  It has been amazing to see them grow and change and build new relationships throughout the year. 
UpcomingSchool and Peninsula closed April 10
Late Start April 15
Summer Registration now available

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