Seasonal round up for the weekend

How awful to have an ego so large as to bump into it in the hallway, currently on a regular any tablets?  And the reason for this bout of mania?  The publication of our latest tome THE RAGING STORM about which we are jolly pleased - can you tell?  
Printed beautifully and handsomely bound the hardback version is a delight....nice piccies and some diverting text - a snip at 35 knicker!  Not wishing, of course, to sully the Christian spirit of Christmas with commercialism, but seriously, I ask you; what better present for fans of imagery and rock n' roll music?

The ego has been further inflated, if that's possible, by two exhibitions, one in Tuscany and one in sunny Shoreditch with Idea Generation. Mainly to show off our new big prints, which are huge, they take on some different aspect altogether, much to our surprise.  It's as if you could walk into them, well, not really, but it feels a bit like that.  
Titles include
 Mars Volta, Biffy Clyro, Pink Floyd, Muse, Powderfinger, Phish amongst others, but they aren't cheap, being costly to produce. Click HERE if you dare and see for yourself...

And as of now we are in the throes of designing two covers, one for a bright snappy emergent band from Stoke called "All The Young" and conversely the evergreen and youthful Graham Gouldman from 10cc, whose 40th anniversary it is this year. Not In Love and Dreadlock Holiday gotta arguably be two of the best singles ever in the whole galaxy.

Competition winner // free December download
We ran a competition in the last newsletter.  As a reminder the question, a three-parter, was:

- who is still first in space?
- who is the space cowboy?
- who is spacey?

And the answers? 
Pink Floyd, Steve Miller and Kevin respecively.  We'll announce the lucky winner in a minute but first, as a way of saying thank you to everyone for all the entries we're name-checking a handful of runners up (who got at least one correct answer). So here goes: Ludo, Juancarlos, Stefano, Jan, Trevor, Helen, Craig M, Andy, George, Waylon, Robin, Brenda, Alejandro, Syldalan, Craig B, John and Josie. 
Now...drum roll please... And the winner is: Simon Whybray. Not only was he speedy (and correct) in his answers, but we were rather taken by the effort he went to with his electronic postcard design entry!
Well done Simon - we'll be in touch shortly.

And finally, one can find herewith the desktop calendar design for December 2011, adapted from the new book. It's a FREE DOWNLOAD - and all perfectly legal - so please pass it on to friends, family and the like.  And as with last month's design we've made different versions for different screen size - it just wouldn't do to have it all squished up now, would it!

Merry Christmas, if feasible in these hard times, as Dickens would have it.