I have been advised, by my adviser naturally enough, that composing a newsletter and posting on the ubiquitous web is the modern way. Since I am reluctant to believe that (a) anyone is really interested, and have previously felt that (b) it is unbecoming to talk about oneself unduly I have hitherto refrained, except on my own site, which someone visits only if they consciously choose to, or otherwise avoids like the plague, the latter being easy as pie. But times being as they are, and, moreover, advisers being as they are, I have yielded to his request and will endeavour to write a newsletter on a reasonably regular basis.

But enough of such matters, let's talk about art, which is why we're here after all.  We have been fortunate in working a lot in these difficult times, recently designing album covers and and special boxes for the Wombats from Liverpool, new arrivals The Plea from Donegal and Rival Sons from LA. Different geography, wildly different cultures and music but all splendid in their particular ways, in their approach, style and genre...which is one great reason we all love music, ain't it?  Luminous in its diversity. The cover for This Modern Glitch is tongue in cheek, mildly surreal or odd with a down side - life's not really a picnic now is it? - so our picnickers hide their faces, annoyingly, by all holding in the way the same picture of a therapist couch in order to indicate their anxieties, or 'glitches', in more contemporary parlance.

Here's the packshot of the album.  Ponder it and, should you wish, leave any comments HERE

More on Plea and Rival Sons next time, if you dare come back.

Taken By Storm in L.A.

Aside from the day job we like to further expose ourselves by making fine art prints - a bit poncey and a bit pricey - but they work pretty darn well, I swear it.  This is because they are nice and big, individually printed (so unlike album covers), on long lasting paper with long lasting inks, derived from original art, devoid of logos and text, presented in glorious colour and look fab, even if I do say so myself.
What's more we like to show them off in exhibitions, the next one opening in a few days time on May 6th and runs for 8 weeks in Los Angeles at a high-end clothing emporium called John Varvatos on Melrose (8800 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, to be precise).  Mr Varvatos is a big rock'n'roll fan and likes to indulge his other passion in his shops, where we will be premiering the biggest fine art prints - they're massive - that we have ever attempted in his even more massive front windows, along with approx 35 more normal sized prints around the interior.

And here they are, the 12 large prints we've decided upon.

They had an effect on me which I hadn't expected: they seem more real, some seeming really real.  It's a bit of a cliche, but you have to see them to experience what I mean.
We hope to bring this idea to the UK in the not-too-distant, but for now please inform any state-side friends, colleagues etc who you think will enjoy the exhibition and we'll welcome them in like old chums!

Hasta la vista

ST, May 2011

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