Autumnal dreams
Being an old toadie I hate the cold. Much as I love autumnal colours, especially in October, I sense winter coming and wish I were rich and could escape to warmer climes. But I ain't and it's just a dream...
Villainy is our design for Villainy, a tight-knit rock band from New Zealand.
Perhaps more of a bad dream, the characters from the imagination of the writer, sitting at her desk bottom right, and previously invading her mind, now intrude into the actual room stepping out through walls and rising magically through the floor impervious to physicality, as it were, sprites, only in her mind...old lovers beginning to look the same, being but items from her chequered past, now equal ghosts in her memory. 
Villainy are up and coming whereas 10cc might have had their day, but maybe not...
A new collection box set of their oevre should appear shortly and here is the box cover - modelled on a 'phrenology' head, much favoured by Victorians, but seen here as a large sculpture, not a table top bust. The sections delineated as areas of supposed brain function are replaced by the major influences on 10cc's artistic and musical development as decreed by the band themselves and placed near a canal in deference to Manchester, from where they emerged. And it's all real folks down to the intricate hand drawn crackling common with aging porcelain...

I'm particularly fond of the telephone reference (dog and bone).

Graham Gouldman
Talking of 10cc, founder member Graham Gouldman made his own record recently called 'Love And Work', featuring all new material, but performed by an old hand.
Old and new;
A new born baby on an old nag;
Clearly a rocking horse, as befits rock 'n' roll!

Our new book Riding Along In My Automobile is unrelated to our main mission and is about cars of all of Cuba. But more off this in the next newsletter...

Storm, October 27th