Curious incidents of non occidental orientation

One of the best aspects of designing for music is working with people from other countries, other cultures. StormStudios have designed for bands and artistes from the four corners of the planet and a few from beyond too, but recently the studio compass has had a definite eastern bias.

Jung Yong Hwa - One Fine Day

Jung Yong Hwa is a member of CNBlue, a hugely popular and successful young South Korean group, and we were asked to design the cover of his debut solo album. There was a definite thread of sadness running through the songs, a recurring theme of loneliness and melancholic memories of happier days. Our initial idea was to use a shot of a girl’s eye but our client convinced us to feature the eye of Mr. Jung Yong Hwa himself. We agreed after deciding that such an intimate close up would make a paradoxically anonymous portrait shot. It’s a simple image, a broken hearted man’s dreamy rainbow tinted (as opposed to rose-tinted) gaze back to better times, helplessly watching his love falling ever further into the past, was it all just a dream? But the camera never lies and they do say the eyes are the windows to the Seoul.

European Rock Fest

European Rock Fest is a Japanese festival organised by some of our friends in Tokyo, and which showcases the talents of acts old and new that specialise in the magical art of Prog Rock. When asked to make a poster, we were given the briefest of briefs: “organic, forest, fantasy, prog” – but then again those four words said it all – PROG! We chose a very linear forest for graphic purposes, to both compliment a vertical poster shape and because we also thought the trees resembled a standing festival audience. The hovering mirrored polyhedron (is that a band name?) might be a musical satellite that’s travelled from the other side of the globe, its reflective facets being a metaphor for a sonic kaleidoscope of exotic music.

Secret 7 - competition

For the second year running we've taken part in Secret 7", a highly inspired UK charity art-event based entirely aroundseven inch single covers. This year we designed unique covers for The Rolling Stones, Chemical Brothers, Peter Gabriel, St. Vincent, The Maccabees, The Supremes and Underworld - quite a menagerie! You can read about the whole concept here ( as well as view all 700 covers created by a mind boggling spectrum of designers, artists and musicians. The event is now over but as we enjoy a good old fashioned competition, we're giving you the chance to win a signed fine-art print of any one of our Secret 7" designs. Just send us an email (email address) naming seven singles by seven different artistes with covers designed by StormStudios. All correct answers will go into a large seven sided hat and the winner drawn out at random!  
Closing date is May 31st.

And finally, as not one subscriber gave a correct answer to the previous newsletter's 'Let Your Hair Down' competition (the correct answer being Tottenham Hotspur) we'll shortly be giving you another chance to win that same print one again. Stay tuned!


19th May