2015 at 33 & 45 rpm

Here we are perched at the very beginning of 2015, a date we feel has a science fictionesque, futuristic ring to it. We are, however, still dealing with the same old-fashioned problem of design, how to get from a blank piece of paper to a finished image. Read below for some clues on how we do it!  if you're still curious, we have a shiny new website at stormstudiosdesign.com. There you'll find  a plethora of images old and new, and we'll be adding more over the next few weeks, why not have a peep?

Pink Floyd - The Endless River

As most of you will be aware we didn't design the cover for the new Pink Floyd album The Endless River. We did however submit a number of ideas and got very close to the finish line with our 'Infinity Heads' design which the band commissioned us to make into the large steel sculpture you see opposite. It was consciously based on Storm and Keith Breeden's design for The Division Bell, referencing the fact that a large part of the The Endless River was recorded around that period. While not making in to the front cover it was used as a postcard in the package, so we like to think that there's a little piece of Storm in there.

You'll be able to read more about this in the brand new updated fifth edition of 'Mind Over Matter - The Images Of Pink Floyd' which we have been writing and compiling, due to be published in the near future.

Paddington Trail

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason invited us to collaborate with him on the designing of a large Paddington Bear sculpture. Having been fans of Paddington since childhood and also very partial to marmalade, we were happy to accommodate.
Nick had been asked by the NSPCC to design one of fifty customised Paddington Bear statues, a charity tie-in with the first ever Paddington feature film. The job obviously called for some major Pink Floyd references, but what exactly? Paddington is an established design icon in his own right, not exactly a blank canvas. After various experimental ursine/ floydian mutations, it was agreed that we'd try a look that echoed the famous 'invisible businessman' image on the back cover of Wish You Were Here.
Our Paddington wears a snazzy pinstriped duffel-suit and carries an enigmatic briefcase plastered with Pink Floyd stickers from the early 70s and a couple of custom designs ('The Deepest, Darkest Side Of The Moon' being a favourite). We think the final result bears up well.  MORE INFO

vBookz Slides

 We were asked by vBookz to create an image to accompany a new app they'd developed. Most projects we work on require us to design images in response to music and/or lyrics but our brief here was to dream up something to represent a function or idea. vBookz Slides PDF Presentation Expert is an app that enables and simplifies the use of PDFs when using AirPlay to AppleTV, controlling the presentation. We felt that the app was more-or-less based around words, reading and communication, and our minds started to fill up with images of books. Books offer (hopefully) knowledge and in turn knowledge is... illuminating. In our image the luminous glow of knowledge from the book bathes its reader in a wide beam of light. The beam is bisected by the reader's face forming a very fitting letter 'V', bringing us neatly and satisfyingly back to our client's moniker. 

And finally, 2015 looks to be another strong year for vinyl releases. 2014 saw the highest vinyl sales for 20 years and it's a trend that's very kind to designers' egos as artwork gets printed much bigger. And very appropriately, we've signed up once again to anonymously design covers for the Secret 7" charity single-covers project. Watch this space!


StormStudios, 13th January, 2015