Hola amigos

Herewith another newsletter concerning the nefarious adventures of StormStudios!  Don't make me laugh...subject: exhibitions.

Pavlov's Dog, Berlin
Exhibition numero uno takes place in Berlin in the smallest gallery I've ever seen called Pavlov's Dog and is run by the charming Pamela.  Her gallery is like a scullery, but I was told it's a very well respected practice to have galleries in Berlin, which were previously the front room of a dwelling.  Nowt so strange as folken!
Open now until 29 October.  
Click HERE for the map and address on their site
La Tempesta Infuriata, Fucecchio, Tuscany
Exhibition secundo is taking place in Tuscany in a little town twixt Florence and Lucca called Fucecchio...idyllic beautiful countryside, villages and towns etc etc, who needs to go to a show?  But the engaging organisers, led by Luca (Luca from Lucca!) said they wanted to mount a tribute to me.  I was both flattered and made to feel half dead already, but agreed.  
The exhibition is called la Tempesta Infuriata and is part of a photo show called FOFU which runs from October 15 until November 6. It features history and a more varied collection, including films - the largest show we've done.
Last but not least and nearer home thank God is: 
Big and Small - from Billboards to Downloads (and stops between) - The Album Art of StormStudios.
To launch our new range of enourmous fine art prints, which are the same in quality and care as previous, just much much bigger, they take on a different quality when huge, but you will need to build an extension to your pad to house them.

More seriously this show is an attempt to illustrate the diversity of format which music designers have to encounter: CDs, LPs, adverts, hoardings, iTunes...
as if the same design can work at all sizes.

Big and Small opens October 20 and runs until November 13 at Idea Generation, 11 Chance Street, London, E2 7JB
Storm, London, during this balmy late September