Pink Floyd - Interstellar
Fine art print dwindling stock - 2 copies remaining

We only have 2 copies of this lovely fine art print remaining. Signed by Storm, from an Edition size of just 100 prints, it is priced at £1200.

Originally an idea by Peter for a rock management company, and featuring two spherical rocks (geddit) to represent infinity, we revisited it on a couple of occasions, both for Pink Floyd. The first time was as eyeballs for the Pulse DVD and the second was the two mirror balls presented here in glorious chrome-o-vision, for a poster for 'Interstellar', the 2003 Pink Floyd exhibition in Paris.

Storm and Rupert hoiked the big shiny hemispheres up to Granchester Meadows, an old stomping ground for the teenagers that would later become Pink Floyd.  But with just two of them, Storm having to direct (always a good excuse to get out of manual work!) and Rupert carrying a large pile of camera equipment, a little assistance was required. They purloined a passing Japanese tourist who understood very little English,  but with much gesticulating Storm had the poor chap arrange our spheres all around the meadow. We never saw the gentleman again... thank you, whoever you are!

If you look closely you can see the three of them reflected in the balls, but more particularly each mirrored sphere reflects the adjacent one, which in turn reflects the sphere above and so on, providing an infinite set of reflections. Truly Interstellar!

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