Hello, it's us again, your charming neighbourhood album cover designers. If you'd have bumped into any of us recently you might have noticed that we appeared a little dishevelled and tired. That's because we've had several babies in the last month! The babies in question were our brand new book 'The Gathering Storm' and two great big exhibitions, one in London and one in Jersey. And like all proud and completely unbiased parents, we're now going to tell you about how lovely they are. But now for something a bit different, but not completely different...
We were approached by Pink Floyd to design the package for a commercial release of Tom Stoppard's recent BBC radio play, 'Darkside'. The play itself is inspired by The Dark Side of the Moon and contains some of the actual music. In turn our design incorporates part of a promo film made by Aardman Animation who were quoted as saying their animation was inspired by Storm and Hipgnosis' work.
We think the end result looks very 'radio'. 


We also produced this cover for Hertfordshire 5-piece Korda Marshall. Shot in late summer on the very picturesque Hadley Common, north London, it reminds us of of a 1960s science fiction film - cool baby!
Our gallery show, called 'The Gathering Storm', at the brand new Proud Archivist space in east London, seems to have gone down very well. We had a great big splurge of an opening / book launch evening and the place was packed to the rafters. On display here are around 50 of our favourite StormStudios / Hipgnosis images from the past 45 years, as well as a selection of Storm's old sketchbooks and the giant mirrored head we created (but was rejected) for The Mars Volta.
We also took the opportunity to display some of the new work we've completed over the past few months. Always eager to make things more fun we staged some events including a cover design workshop that was attended by a seriously talented bunch that really gave us a run for our money, and we held an interactive live demo to show how we created our 'Liquid Dark Side of the Moon'.
If you missed all of this fear not, the show is now extended until Xmas, plenty of time to mosey on over and have a look.
Mere moments after setting up the London show, we jetted off to The Channel Islands and began hanging pictures in CCA's gallery in St Hellier, Jersey. In addition to the plethora of old and new images on display, were huge Biffy Clyro 'Only Revolutions' flags and the actual tree that we took to Iceland and shot for their latest album, 'Opposites'. Our Rupert draped himself languidly among the tree's branches for some rather glamorous local newspaper snaps.
And finally, a reminder that our new book has been unleashed! The Gathering Storm was a real labour of love and it's a fine thing to see Storm's final book on sale and being enjoyed by people. The 'Collector's' and 'Deluxe' Editions are almost out of stock, but there are a few left HERE and also at our London gallery show.

The book is an inspiring testimony to Storm's prolific output of designs from 1968 to 2013, lovingly curated & annotated by Storm and designed by our own Peter Curzon and Silvia Ruga. Should we say that in our opinion it makes for a fine Christmas present..?!.