Hello, it's us again. It's been a while, we know, and in that time it seems Spring has sprung, and not a moment too soon. But enough of such lightweight matters; we've been charged with addressing some far deeper questions, as you'll see when you read on, dear reader...
What if we had to leave Earth and colonise a new planet? Imagine "a final leisure cruise for the human race" - and the fledgling musical project as a sort of soundtrack for it… Phew! This was the somewhat 'heavy' task given to us by Dave Hodge of Leisure Cruise to design an image for their debut album. He and partner Leah Segal ended up choosing four designs to accompany different releases, each featuring couples heading through barren landscapes toward an as yet unknown final designation. This one, shot in the midday heat of Amboy, California (a town deserted when the trains literally stopped delivering fresh water) being for a single called 'Double Digit Love'. In the week of its release at the beginning of March 2014 Facebook closed down the band's page due to the supposed pornographic nature of the image!
We completed this cover back in late Autumn 2012, but the disc it adorns has only just been released (and on orange vinyl, no less!) so it's a brand new blast from the recent past. AP & The Heath came to us with tales of seething teenage suburban isolation, frustration and adventure. Their music was abrasive, tense, hypnotic and strangely psychedelic, employing urgent and often blackly humorous spoken word rather than sung lyrics. The band spoke about the life altering effect of discovering music as teenagers...and this led us to breathe life into the entity we called The Vinyl Messiah - a symbol for the older kid that possesses secret knowledge about 'sacred' sounds, essential discs that'll blow your mind. Back in ye olde pre-internet days, often the only way to discover good music was via a chain of people passing around dodgy quality home-recorded tapes, originating from some learned disciple of obscure discs, a Musical Maharishi at one with the sonic source. Our very own Pope of Pop was clothed in a custom cassock smothered in magical vinyl references; only true believers can decode them.
As our exhibition "The Gathering Storm" at The Proud Archivist closes, new ones are opening. Firstly "After The Storm" launches this week at The RAC Club on Pall Mall in London. The catch here is you need to be a member to see it! Less exclusive, and slightly further afield, from April 4 - May 4 we have an exhibition in conjunction with CCA at the Brook Gallery in Budleigh Salterton, Devon. However, the one that's really in the news is the Pink Floyd exhibition that we're actively involved with. This one opens in Milan on September 19 and you can WATCH THE TRAILER HERE. Celebrating nearly five decades of Pink Floyd's work, including elements from the 60s when Syd Barrett and Roger Waters played in different bands, this exhibition occupies over 2500 sq metres and has hundreds of objects flown in especially from all over the world - not something to be missed!
And finally, just a brief note to inform you that we will soon be bringing forth our recent self published books into the digital world. A companion to the real (hardback) deal, these will be released after some final layout touches have been lovingly applied. Watch this space...