My advisor has, once again, advised me, as is his wont... In light of the very pleasantly surprising success of both our new book "Riding Along In My Automobile" and of our first attempt at "pop up" exhibitions - one in Soho, London and the other in Cambridge - combined with the considerable number of people who signed up at each location to receive this newsletter, we felt it right to extend a warm welcome to them (and to 2013) and refresh the offers which ran in previous edition.  So here goes...
Riding Along In My Automobile
Our new book, Riding Along In My Automobile, or RAMA as we affectionately refer to it, is a book about cars. Or, more specifically, it's a book about the American cars from the 40s-60s, and which are now as synonymous with Cuba as cigars are.  Maybe...
Written by yours truly (except for the Foreword written by a certain Nick Mason) and photography by our very intrepid Rupert Truman, it is available now in Hardback and Deluxe editions. And, duly refreshing last month's offer, we have 10 x SIGNED HARDBACKS lined up for the next 10 orders. Dispatch on a first come first served basis, naturally!
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P.S. we in the Studio will be running a kind of mini serialisation, where each of us will pick our favourite image from RAMA and explain why. We'll aim to do one a day for a week or so, publishing these on our Facebook page (link below).

Riding Along In My Automobile
Now where would we be without a competition? Our question is simple, but not necessarily easy: what type of car is on the front cover of the book?
Before you respond, we'll tell you it's a Chevvy. What we'd like you to answer is this: name the model and also the year (first generation).

All replies to:

The winner will receive a signed copy addressed to whomsoever you choose (should it be a present for a car enthusiast)

We are continuing with our hardback double pack offer: Riding Along In My Automobile & The Raging Storm for £50.
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And finally, for those of you who don't have a copy of The Raging Storm (featuring recent works previously unpublished in book form, including Pink Floyd, Biffy Clyro, Muse, Wombats and others) then you can save a fiver and a tenner off the RRP of the soft back and hardback editions respectively by using the codes STORM FORCE 5 and STORM FORCE 10 accordingly.
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That's it for now. The February newsletter, which will include Biffy Clyro and Slow Earth will be along in due course, but I shall sign off with a somewhat belated Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013.
StormStudios and de Milo, Jan 31