Could it be that Spring is finally springing? Winter is good for designers, all that time spent indoors exercising the brain, but in this latest bulletin we feature a born-again book, a breath of fresh air and a special seasonal bunny, so there's definitely something in the air. Or should that be hare?

Mind Over Matter - The Images Of Pink Floyd

Hard to believe but the 5th edition of Mind Over Matter - The Images Of Pink Floyd, was published by Omnibus earlier this year, nearly 18 years after the 1st edition back in 1997. Combining text written by Storm that we archived from various sources (old newsletters and the like), and new text by us at the Studio, the new pages contain the work we created for Pink Floyd over the years since the 4th edition was published in 2007, including our contribution to the Endless River album. It also includes essays on what it was like/the dramas of working with Storm both at Hipgnosis, written by one Aubrey 'Po' Powell, and at StormStudios written by us. A few alterations aside, the design follows that created by Peter and Storm for the previous editions, while the cover uses the Dark Side image we made for the Immersion box set a few years ago - which seemed highly appropriate given its use of 5 prisms.

Korda Marshall - Now We Breathe 

Hertfordshire-based Korda Marshall approached us back in early 2013, shortly before Storm died. They said they were big fans (always a good start), but that they didn't have much money - and that they would really like us to do an album cover and three singles. After a brief discussion with Storm, and being intrigued by both their audacity and by their name (we had previously designed the Infectious Records logo for Korda Marshall the person) we agreed to do it. Sadly Storm passed away not long after we started work on the project and so we set about designing one of our first covers without the big man's input. The design stems mostly from the title of the album, and as the notes from our meeting with Korda Marshall tell us, "'Now We Breathe' refers to the fact that the band had been gigging, recording, writing, fretting, plotting for two years, and that they finally feel ready to go - they're coming to life. They're ready to breathe." Those notes however were made two years ago so that two years is now four, and we can only presume that they must be positively gasping with relief and delight now that the album has finally come out.

Competition: win a signed Storm Thorgerson fine art print

Storm is never far from our thoughts, but writing about the Korda Marshall album reminds us that it is nearly two years since he passed away, and we thought it would be nice to run a competion for a signed print, kindly donated by Alex Wall at deMilo Art, of one of Storms favourite images of recent years - Let Your Hair Down (The Steve Miller Band) - it always made him smile. So, the question: given that Steve Miller is from America, and the title is a reference/pun on having a good time dancing, what was Storm's favourite English football team?

Best of luck, everybody, and Happy Easter!

StormStudios, 5th April, 2015