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The past month at ocd4life has been an exciting one, with two Before & After mentions in Apartment Therapy and another great segment on Better TV.  The topics for these features ranged from closet and basement re-orgs to tips to help men get more organized.

Now, however, it is time to talk about getting organized for the dreaded “holiday” that is only 59 days away – Tax Day.  It is a day that causes stress for many, yet possesses a silver lining for others with the hope of a fruitful refund.  To jump-start your tax preparation this year, below are some tips to help you gather your documents and get things organized for yourself or your tax preparer.  These tips will help you eliminate some stress, save some money and help make sure you don’t miss any deductions.

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Tax Tips

  • Start with a Checklist – Using a checklist is one of the easiest ways to begin preparing for your taxes.  While you can create your own by referencing your previous year’s taxes, I suggest either asking your tax preparer for a checklist or using a reputable online source (H&R Block has a great customizable checklist).  By utilizing a checklist and spending some time compiling your tax information early in the season, you will help avoid any last minute stress and save yourself from overlooking any deductions.  Plus, by organizing this information ahead of time, you may even save yourself some money by handing your tax preparer a pre-sorted bundle of information that won’t require him or her to spend hours trying to decipher.
  • Clean It Out & Shred It – As you are sorting through your files and gathering your tax information from the past year, it is the perfect time to clean out and shred any papers that are no longer necessary for you to keep.  If you are unsure of how long you should keep certain files, check with your accountant or reference a credible source (H&R Block has an easy to understand list).  And please, don’t skip the shredding.  Identity theft affects millions of people every year.  If you don’t have a shredder, consider investing in one, or locate a local or mail-in shred service.
  • Prepare for 2011 – Prevent stress for the 2011 tax season by planning ahead with the following tips…
    • Setup a System– Create a filing system for yourself to keep everything in order throughout the year.  Use an existing filing cabinet or purchase a file box and create designated folders for the necessary categories.  Try to keep your categories to a minimum.  By keeping the system simple you will be more likely to file your papers on a regular basis.  Try starting with three master categories such as Income, Expenses & Deductions and Investments.  Then create sub-categories for areas where you have more files (e.g. under Expenses & Deductions you may need specific categories such as Medical, Charitable Contributions, Business, etc.).  If you have gone paperless, create a similar digital filing system on your computer.  You can also refefence a list such as this one from H&R Block regarding what items you should consider keeping throughout the year.
    • Schedule Time – Whether it is weekly, monthly or quarterly, schedule time regularly to manage your finances and record keeping.   Schedule these tasks in your calendar in order to block out the time to ensure you don't forget about the task.  If you plan on scheduling time weekly, set aside about 1 hour.  If you plan on scheduling time quarterly, you may need to set aside up to a full day.  Also, if you feel your time is better spent on other projects, consider hiring a bookkeeper to manage your finances on a regular basis.  Staying on top of this task throughout the year will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and frustration when preparing for the 2011 tax season.
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