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Neat notes from JP.
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Even though we may be well past our years of schooling, the onset of summer still brings with it that feeling of freedom (at least it still does for me). The warmer weather, the longer days, the Vitamin D... doesn’t it make you want to toss everything aside and go play with your friends, ride your bike, and eat lots of ice cream?
Well before you run out to soak up the sun, take a few minutes each day to check-in with yourself to keep things orderly and organized. If you don’t already have one, create a system to manage your tasks at home. Simply taking 10 minutes at the beginning and the end of the day to scan your to-do list, double check your bills and tidy up your home will save you hours of clean-up time on a sunny weekend when you’d rather be outside. Don’t be afraid to outsource certain tasks such as laundry or house cleaning over the summer if it helps you cross things off your to-do list and logs you more time to spend with family or for that jog in the park. By managing your time and resources efficiently, you’ll feel more relaxed and free to enjoy the longer, glorious days of summer.
And, don’t forget I’m social all summer long. If you have not already done so, be sure to “Like” me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest. I welcome your questions and comments and love to start a dialogue so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and keep me connected to your needs so I can better help you get organized and stay organized!
Enjoy the Notes and have a safe and fantastic summer!
Stay cool,

Getting Your Home Market Ready
In April, I had the opportunity to speak with Tim McKeough from The NY Times to discuss getting your home ready to sell. During the interview I explained the value of preparing ahead of time for your move (you can never start packing too early), and the importance of taking pride in your storage areas. Many buyers are looking for ample storage space these days, so it’s important to take some time to make sure yours is not over-stuffed. Shoving miscellaneous items in a closet prior to an open house is not a good idea. Editing your home before it goes on the market will help prevent this from happening and leave you feeling more relaxed as the move date approaches. One of the quick de-cluttering ideas I shared that typically has a big payoff is transferring CD and DVD collections that you can’t part with to binders for consolidation. Read the full piece here for more tips and advice

A Space to Play
As a child, having an area to freely use your imagination and express your creativity can be an invaluable experience to foster creative growth (as well as help keep the parents sane and the rest of the house clean). After moving into their new home in CT, one ex-Manhattan couple wanted to be sure their children had a space to call their own where they could read, sing, paint, play cars, dress-up and just enjoy being a kid. By working closely with the parents to understand their children’s interests, I was able to design and organize a child-friendly basement that is fun, whimsical and easy to maintain. At the end of the project, the children were ecstatic with their new room, and quickly pulled out all of their toys, which were now easy to find (and even easier to put away). You can see more of the end result photos on my website.

Keep Your Beach Bag Organized

Since most beach bags are created as one large open tote, use an insert to help you make the most of your favorite bag. Products like PurseToGo, Purse Perfector and Cocoon Innovations’ Grid-It! are perfect solutions to help you keep all of your items organized. Each one of these products will allow you to give your summer necessities a home within your favorite bag or tote, as well as make everything easily accessible to prevent you from having to dump out the entire bag to find that refreshing pack of gum.
To keep smaller items like coins and jewelry organized, use change purses or make-up bags to keep like items together and to keep things easily identifiable and accessible. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a small bag for all those beautiful seashells you’ll collect as you stroll along the beach this summer. 

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When living in a small space, it is important to make every inch count; even those couple inches behind the sofa, bed or media console that are often taken up by cords sticking out of the electrical outlets in the wall. While many of us still try to make use of this space by shoving the furniture as close as possible and bending the power cords, there is a safer and more practical way to get your furniture closer to the wall. Hug-A-Plug, the 90-degree angle outlet extension, allows you to plug your cords in parallel to the wall so you can safely place your furniture or appliances a couple inches closer.

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