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Depression vs. Funk

People throw the word depression around quite loosely sometimes. Often when we say “I’m depressed because my team lost the grand final” or “I’m so depressed because I hate this job” we may not be talking about clinical depression. Rather we’re just talking about being in a bit of a funk in life. We all get this way at times. It is natural to have an ebb and flow in our emotions and energy levels and sometimes our lifestyle habits are not supporting us to bounce back from this. If this seems true for you, reflect for yourself:
“Am I in a funk?”
If so, get out quick!
You are the only one who can change how you spend your days.
  • a bit more activity;
  • a bit more sunlight;
  • a bit more interaction with others who nourish your being;
  • read stuff that helps you feel good;
  • keep a daily list of the things you are grateful for (at first it may be hard but with practice it can really help you to see life and events with a positive perspective);
  • listen to music that you love;
  • volunteer your time to help someone in your family, community or through a charity.

Being in a funk can pass, and you can help speed it up. Allowing it to consume you though can enable the changes in your mood and energy levels to become more pervasive and this can be harder to then change. If you find that you can’t engage in these positive changes or if the funk persists then make some time to speak to a GP (check out the list of practitioners who are recommended for responding to mental health issues on and make sure that it isn’t something more serious and get any support that you might need.

Policy Template

Not sure where to start with improving mental health responsiveness in your workplace? Our Workplace Mental Illness Policy, Guideline and Workplace Adjustment Support Plan (WASP) Proforma - a comprehensive pack designed to help you develop appropriate policies and procedures for your workplace. For more information click here.


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Three Tips to Raise Kids that Bounce!

A parent’s role is not to cotton-wool our kids from reality, but rather to equip them with skills to live it well. Children who can recognise their strong thoughts or feelings and respond to them in a safe way are more able to cope with the pressures of life.

Here are 3 simple ways to help grow your child’s resilience so they can better bounce back after a challenging experience.

1.Give it a name. When you experience frustration, resentment, fear or other uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, label it for what it is. When you see your child struggling with the same, empathise and share your hunch. No shame, no blame; say it how you see it, in simple language. Once the feeling has a name it can be recognised, and then responded to.

2. Model what you want to see. Modeling mistakes and so-called negative emotions helps a child to understand that they are not alone and that these feelings are not to be feared. But don't stop there; model your coping strategies and positive moods too. Go take yourself to ‘time-out’ in your bedroom next time your feeling angry – now that’s modeling!

3. Use the quiet moments. When stressed and adrenalin is running high no one is at his or her best for learning. Allow space for the dust to settle. When ready, gently re-connect with your child. Listen, consider options and together plan towards a more resourceful way of managing next time around.

“Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.”
Albert Einstein

We can't protect our children from ever having a bad experience, but we can teach them skills. So that when they fall over, they learn to get up, dust themselves off and have another go at it; that's resilience!

Written by Sharon Cooke

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I can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Tasha as an exceptional, inspiring and incredibly experienced facilitator with a clearly evident passion to assist others in improving their lives through greater awareness and care for self.
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T. Matulich, Site Manager, Options Employment
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S. Thompson, Perth College

All the information was interesting and useful to all aspects of my work and personal life. It will help with understanding what people with a mental illness have to endure and help with how I support, assess and assist them.
N. Kuntinsch, Supervisor, City of Wanneroo

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