Copy of the letter sent to Representatives Curbelo and Diaz Balart, to thank their commitment to sensible immigration reform.
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Florida Voices for Immigration Reform (FVIR)
Reps. Curbelo and Diaz Balart:
Via e mail and First Class Mail
Dear Reps. Curbelo and Diaz Balart:
Florida Voices for Immigration Reform is a coalition of faith, business and law enforcement communities  based in Palm Beach County, Florida which since 2009 has been acting as a bridge between Republicans and Democrats so that Congress can address our antiquated immigration system in a bi- partisan fashion  and give our nation a system that promotes legal migration, makes us globally competitive for the 21st century and humanely deals with those already here.   Our coalition firmly believes as well, that bringing the 11 million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows with legalization- will help our national security, since we will once and for all know who is here. Please visit for more information on our coalition.
Our coalition has had communication with the Chief of Staff of Rep. Diaz- Balart and members of our coalition have personally met Rep. Curbelo. We know you are allies and we thank your press release after the Supreme Court affirmed the opinion of the 5th. Circuit Court of Appeals in United States v. Texas by an equally divided vote.
We have always believed that the answer to this critical policy issue had to be found by Congress, yet given Congressional inaction in the House in 2014 our coalition was in favor of the administration's deferred actions program. Our coalition also wrote to the bi- partisan deficit committee  in 2012 making the case that immigration reform will help reduce our deficit.
We wanted to reach out to both of you, to thank you for your commitment to sensible immigration reform and let you know that you can count on this coalition to promote immigration reform that we hope is resolved by Congress- as soon as possible since immigration policy affects our children, families, cities, counties, state, nation and foreign relations. We hope that after the November 2016 elections Congress can work for the good of the American people and make immigration reform a top priority in 2016.
Thank you very much for your service.

                  Pastor Monica Delgado
                  Co -Chair FVIR

                  Aileen Josephs, Esq
                  Co -Chair FVIR

                  Gary Walk, Esq.
                  Co -Chair FVIR.

Mr Josh Breisblatt, National Immigration Forum , "Bibles, Badges and Business"
Mr. Cesar Gonzalez, Chief of Staff, Rep. Mario Diaz- Balart
Mr.Chris Miles, Chief of Staff of Rep. Curbelo
Mr. Greg Langowski, Regional Director, Sen. Rubio
Ms. Michelle McGovern, Regional Director, Sen. Nelson
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