signing up for your monthly shift was never so fun!

September Calendar

Greetings childcare wizards!

Hello everyone and welcome Fall! Thanks to Alex L, Dana, Beth, Dominique, Sima, Casey, Heather, Encian, Alisha, and Graeme for covering our August shifts. Thanks in advance to all the fine folks who are going to sign up for our new autumn shifts. Please check out new dates!

The Bay Area Childcare Collective Core

POWER shifts

Thurs, Sept 6th, 5:30-8:30 for POWER's Fighting Fifteen/Quinceanera/Luchadora celebration!
@ the First Unitarian Universalist Center of San Francisco, 1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco.
9/15 Bay View Meeting 11-1pm 5600 Armstrong in the Bay View
9/22 CLUB Meeting 12 - 2pm POWER Office *note changed location*
9/26 CC Meeting 5:30 - 8pm POWER Office *note changed location*
10/6 Member Assembly 10-1pm POWER Office
10/17 CC Meeting 5:30 - 8pm POWER Office
10/20 BV Caucus Meeting 11-1pm 5600 Armstrong 11 - 1pm
10/20 CLUB Meeting 12-2pm POWER Office 12 - 2pm

*Saturday dates are priority based on number of kids who have been showing up.
POWER Childcare is held at their South VanNess office in the Mission : 335 South VanNess between 14th and 15th.
To sign up for a POWER childcare shift please email Encian at: or call 510-827-0443

La Colectiva/ Womens' Collective shifts

Every Wednesday, 5-7pm join awesome childcare intern Araceli!
 La Colectiva has a new office at the Day Labor Program at 3358 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco.

To sign up for a shift for this month,  please email Casey at: or call  510-213-0727

Causa Justa :: Just Cause shifts

Thurs Sept 20, 6:00-9:00 Puentes Solidarios :: Bridges of Solidarity  join the entire BACC core for CJJC's biggest benefit of the year! @ the Islamic Cultural Center, 1433 Madison Street, Oakland, CA
Weds Sept 26th, 5:30-7:30 at West Oakland

Causa Justa :: Just Cause Childcare is held at the West Oakland office (WO) or at their San Francisco office (SF)
WO:  West Oakland - 3268 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA
SF:  San Francisco -  2301 Mission Street, Suite 201

To sign up for a CJJC shift,  please email Encian at: or call 510-827-0443


Movement Generation

Saturday, Sept 8  4-8pm join new core member Owen!  for collaboration event with POWER and PODER at the Secret Garden in San Francisco's Mission District.
Saturday September 22nd 10-4pm join awesome new intern Araceli! for Earth Skills Training Event at Peralta Hacienda Historical Park, 2465 35th Ave, Oakland Spanish speakers preferred.

Movement Generation shifts are held at various locations, primarily in the East Bay. Locations are listed above, by dates.

To sign up for a Movement Generation shift,  please email Eyal at: or call 408-718-2942

Extracurricular Shifts


BACC Events and Announcements

CJJC SF Office Childcare Space Improvement Project
Is underway. Want to help improve the space? Join Encian as he drives around collecting craigslist donations and hitting up thrift stores! Also includes a small construction project which he would very much appreciate help on.

Contact Encian at or 510-827-0443 if interested.

Childcare/Youthwork Skillshare Bonanza
Exciting news! The Bay Area Childcare decided to co-host a day of workshops on working with children and youth, aimed for volunteers. Want to join the planning team? We'd love to have you! Contact Encian at or 510-827-0443 if interested. We'll also be looking for folks to lead workshops.

Radical Childcare Study Group
None do to traveling! But if you haven't read about it yet...
Okay, I know we like to keep it magical, but let's face it: childcare can be hard. So, in our ongoing effort to find ways to support each other through the challenges of this work and build our skills, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new childcare study group!  We'll meet once a month, on 4th Thursdays, in the East Bay first but open to location rotation based on interest.  Here's our vision for the group:
-Each month a different person will facilitate. They will choose the theme and email out any associated readings to the group. 
-Themes and readings can be skill-based or more theoretical. However the focus is not so much on the "why" of childcare, but the "how." We hope to build our skills with each other in a close, supportive environment.

Community Events and Announcements

Accepting Applications for the 2013 Anne Braden Program

To our friends and family in the movement for justice,

We are excited to announce that applications are now open for the fourth Anne Braden Anti-Racist Organizer Training Program, which starts February 2013! The last three programs were a tremendous success built on the love and labor of hundreds of people in our community. Many of you helped us with the crucial work of recruiting participants, which is why we are writing you now.

We need YOUR support to get the word out about the Braden Program far and wide. Would you forward this email to your networks and personally encourage people to apply?


Who Should Apply?
The Anne Braden Program is designed for white social justice activists and organizers who are looking to grow in their anti-racist skills, analysis, and practice. It’s not a series of “101” style workshops, but a
rigorous political education and leadership development program intended to support white activists in becoming more effective, historically-grounded, and accountable anti-racist organizers, leaders, and multi-racial movement builders. We are particularly looking to recruit working-class, Jewish, women, LGBT and queer-identified participants and members of grassroots social justice organizations. White activists who don’t fit the above descriptions, but who have experience working for social justice and are looking for a rigorous political education and organizing training program, are encouraged to apply as well.

We are asking you to pass along this email, and to personally encourage anyone in your life who you think could benefit from the program to apply by September 15th. The program runs from February through May 2013.


How To Apply
Applications are available now on the Catalyst website

Got questions about the Anne Braden Program? Click here for more information

Contact Us!

If you ever have any announcements, questions, concerns, or appreciations email us at
Thanks to everyone who helped out with the GIFT conference kids' space! Pictures will be posted soon. It was an all-around fabulous weekend full of box city construction, puppies and kitties, and a kid-led fundraising project. They raised $160 to help people cross the desert! (No More Deaths.) By making and selling bracelets and "mini's," i.e. pipecleaner figures, and other arts & crafts. The kids spoke at the closing keynote and delivered a top-rate fundraising speech. Everyone was super impressed.

Game of the Month:

Zip Zap Zop (Zoing!)

Game Type: Movement, sound, impulse
# of Players: 3-20
Ideal Setting: A big clear open space for lots of movement

HOW the game is played:
Players stand in a circle and make a Z-sound & directional move or gesture, and the move is 'passed' or repeated by each player around the circle until someone messes up. The order of the Z-sounds are: 1) Zip, 2) Zap, 3) Zop, 4) Zip, 5) Zap... and so on until the group gets good at it. Then you can add more elements such as Zoing! (this sound creates a nice reverb effect) following the Zop, or a Block! move where the recipient of the Z-sound creates a shield-movement (for example, holding up their forearms), which bounces the Z-sound back to its giver, at which point they explode or have to pass it to someone else.

Variations: 'blah' or impulse pass, which is a more free form version, and suggests any sound and movement, do do it without thinking about it at all and letting your voice and body be free to react on impulse.

Tips: Keep it fast and impulsive, throw in silly moves.

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