signing up for your monthly shift was never so fun!
Bay Area Childcare Collective: September Calendar

Greetings childcare wizards!

Welcome to the new and fUnTaStIc bi-monthly childcare calendar. Perusing the calendar for your monthly shift has NEVER been so gosh darn pretty!! But first we want to give a BIIIIG thanks to the splendiferous August volunteers: Ri, Heather, Sass, Jenny, Shaun, Lindsey, Alex, Anna, Michael, Sima, Tobias, Andy, Kyla, Vicki, Owen, Eyal and Encian! May the wand of eternal starlight grant you the most humbling of delights! Also ALSO ALSO, we would love to include your words in future newsletters. If you have any stories, anecdotes, pictures, etc...send them over here!

Oodles of love,
The Bay Area Childcare Collective Core!

POWER shifts

9/9 - Fri. - SF Rising - General Assembly - 4:30 - 9:00 @ Bayanihan Community Center in the SOMA, 1010 Mission Street
9/10 - Sat. - Member Assembly @ BV 10:30am - 1:30pm
9/14 - Wed. - Campaign Comm. Mtg @ BV 5pm-7pm
9/16 - Fri. - CLUB "el Grito!" @ SVN 6pm-8pm
9/28 - Wed. - Campaign Comm. Mtg @ SVN 5pm -7pm

POWER Childcare is held at their BayView (BV) office or at their South VanNess office (SVN)
BV- bayview Office - 4932 3rd st. between Palu and Quesada
SVN: (mission office) 335 south van ness between 14th and 15th.
To sign up for a POWER childcare shift please email Ri at: or call 415-730-9677 

La Colectiva/ Womens' Collective shifts

9/14 - Wed. -  5pm-7pm
9/21 - Wed. - 5pm-7pm
9/28 - Wed. - 5pm-7pm
**some of these dates may be cancelled. Be in touch with Casey (contact info below) if you sign up to make sure it's still on!

Women's Collective Meetings are held at Centro del Pueblo located at 474 Valencia Street (by 16th Street BART in SF). 
To sign up for a shift for this month,  please email Casey at: or call  513-461-9149

Causa Justa :: Just Cause shifts

9/14 - Wed. - 5:30p-7:30pm (WO)
9/14 - Wed. - 14th 10a-12pm (SF)

Causa Justa :: Just Cause Childcare is held at the West Oakland office (WO) or at their San Francisco office (SF)
WO:  West Oakland - 3463 San Pablo Avenue (at the California Hotel),
Oakland, CA 94608
SF:  San Francisco -  2301 Mission Street, Suite 201 94110

To sign up for a CJJC shift,  please email Encian at: or call 510-613-5059

Extracurricular Shifts

La Red Latina: Conference against Domestic and Gender Violence in the Latin@ community
DAY: Saturday October 08th, 2011
TIME: 8 AM – 7 PM
LOCATION: TBA (somewhere in the east bay)

La Red Latina is a Latino coalition against domestic and gender violence in the East Bay. The objective of La Red Latina is to generate a sustainable, useful, democratic and broad network in the East Bay of Latino Immigrant agencies that work in domestic and gender violence prevention in order to build a collective power of resources and collaborations.. For more information about the coalition, you can go to the website at
To sign up for the shift, please email Eyal at: or call 408-718-2942

BACC Events and Announcements

Open for our Intercambio/ Language exchange program!
Are you interested in learning how to speak spanish?  We have 3 more spanish speakers who need partners, with a lot of people having tuesday afternoon availability. 
If you're interest, contact Casey at: or call 513-461-9149

Next Orientation
Coming in October, more info TBA

Next Core Meeting
Friday, September 9th, 6-8pm
Anyone is welcome to come to a core meeting! No commitment required! 
Contact a core member if you're interested in attending!

Community Events and Announcements

Check back in next calendar!

Contact Us!

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or appreciations email us at 





Color Fairies at POWER Bowlathon
Color fairies represent the Childcare Collective at POWER's annual Bowlathon fundraiser. Click here for more bowlathon pics.

Partner highlight: POWER's Transit Justice Campaign

still from POWER video

Watch this 3-minute video to find out how POWER is uniting youth and families of color across San Francisco to win free bus passes for young people ages 5 to 17! For the first time in its history of almost 15 years, POWER is uniting all its members on one campaign. Learn about it in the link above.
Game of the Month: Knee Tag
Thanks to BACC member Alex Lannon for teaching us this excellent game at the last gameshare on August 7th! Much fun was had by all.

Knee Tag
Game Type: Tag Variation
# of Players: 4 +
Ideal Setting: Outdoors
Supplies: —

HOW the game is played: Everybody's it. When you tag somebody, they freeze (or "stick") with their palms up in a double-high-five position. They can be un-stuck by receiving a double-high-five from another player. The knee twist: anyone can create temporary safety at any moment by putting their hands on their knees and standing still. You cannot move in this position.

Tips: Good for when the facilitator is tired, because you can spend as much time in safety position as you like.

Learn more games or share your favorites at

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