No funny business this time. That said, if you like Reliable Cheese (and I assume, if you get this, you do), you should really read this newsletter.
Reliable Cheese Company Ltd.

Important news about Reliable Cheese Co.

Dear friends and customers,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Reliable Cheese Company will be closing its doors on Friday, October 19th. This decision has not been made quickly or lightly and has been made for a mixture of business and personal reasons. I (Patrick) don't intend this to be the end of my career in the local cheese world. I plan on continuing to work in cheese after the store closes and hope to continue many of the non-retail aspects of Reliable Cheese. I see this more as a chance for transformation rather than an ending.

If you have signed up for an upcoming cheese class, we are currently looking for an alternative location for the rest of the year's classes and, as of this moment, definitely still plan on having them. They just won't be at the shop. 
If you have a LivingSocial voucher for sandwiches, we will continue honoring vouchers for sandwiches until we close.  That said, we will be selling down our inventory over the next couple weeks (you'll probably notice it lower than usual already), so the selection will become limited, and if a number of people try to redeem before we close there is a chance we may sell out of many things.  If you find yourself unable to use your voucher, for these reasons or others, please contact LivingSocial for a refund.

What I'd like to say most of all is THANK YOU for your support over this past year! From the day the shop opened, I've been shocked at the outpouring of support from the community. It has been staggering and gives me hope that, even if this venture hasn't worked out, there is a future for great cheese in this area. I've loved meeting and getting to know everyone.

Until next time, keep it cheesy!
Patrick, RCC
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