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We are living our lives on our iphones and maybe soon our new mini ipad?

The landscape in which we conduct our business and our lives has changed.Technology has transformed our marketing, selling, collaborating and the way we work. Gosh, even my mum is becoming apt at texting and her Apple TV! (love ya mum)

This month I have been focusing on technology. As most of you know I am a techno-geek and this interest combined with my marketing passion has me in a head-swell about how these two areas will influence how we conduct our business now and in the years to come. This has raised some interesting questions. No doubt  IT has accelerated business. How can you adapt? Can you change your thinking? Can you flexible enough to work differently?
The nature of information has changed. How visible are you? Do you like - what you see? How do you connect with your customers, competitors and industry influencers? Are you where they are? Here is some information I found in my quest to learn more.

Business is social
This is a great video on how we need to adjust our thinking about how we do business today. It challenges how we frankly, do everything.  We have all this information, we are now asking more questions, we  are digging deeper, we are more informed and seek out more. We, as the consumer are in the driver seat. We set the pace. We review, we consume when and how we want, we ignore. This is totally changing the we we do business and market. You need to watch this video.

Do you have a Company Linked In page? If not then here is your opportunity. A great summary of how and what to do my Hubspot.

I love the idea of infographics as a way to create a snapshot picture of an issue or yourself. Some resources I like are in this article. Try out Piktochart as my pick for a great tool/ app.

Are you IT savvy? We are.

Perhaps you are struggling to keep up with this new technology for your small business.

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Favorite Software

Pitchengine is going to be awesome for people who have visual images to share

Favorite Book

The Third Sreen Chuck talks of - TV, Computer and then the Smart phone. The top spending by SMBs on mobile is now on mobile Web sites (49%), SMS/text messaging (48%) and QR codes, according to the new Mobile Adoption Survey by Borrell Associates. Chuck Martin explains how to market to us via the smartphone and how it has changed everything.

Favorite SEO Tip

Use these guys at Optimising

The guys are honest, and know their stuff. They also have a really good pricing model and have no lockin contracts! PS I am not paid to say this!

Favorite Marketing Campaign
AppSumo have done something different with personality and it is useful.

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