We aren't your average, run of the mill, lemonade stand...
The bartender pours them both a cold, papelón con limón on the rocks, the special for the night.

The pulled pork arepa looks up at the bartender and says, "Did you know that due to popular demand, the Sweet Auburn Market will host the Urban Picnic every Friday, starting this Friday, Sept. 9th?"

"NO WAY!" exclaims the bartender.

"Yes Way!" confirms the arepa.

"I almost forgot! Isn't that just a few days away?" asks the vegetarian arepa.

The bartender scratches his scratchy beard, "Well, I will have to make arrangements to go because I heard the Urban Picnic has all sorts of interesting, delicious, succulent, mouth-watering, exotic delicacies."

 "They sure do!  I may be from a little 'ol farm called Springer Mountain but I've got a heck of an idea!  Since we all want to go, then why don't we ride together?"

"Sure!  We can save gas money and help Mother Earth at the same time!" says the always keen and conscious, vegetarian arepa.

"What a splendid plan!  The rumor is that Arepa Mia will feature cachapas venezolanas for the first time, and of course, yours truly, AREPAS, will be there.  So, are you going to ride with us to the picnic this friday Mr. Bartender?"

The bartender looks up at both of them, "Arepas?  WTF is an arepa?"

This Friday from 11-2.  Sweet Auburn Market.   209 Edgewood Ave. SE Atlanta, GA 30303

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