♫ On the fourth day of Christmas
be young photography gave to meeeee... ♫
It may be hot hot hot outside at least it's been sunny! Did Rudolph lead the way to some good light this weekend for your photos? Let's unwrap today's gift shall we...

Leave cookies and milk (yum!)

aka: use bribery to get that shot.

Santa needs cookies and milk to get his job done successfully, use the same technique and you're sure to become a successful momtographer!

Our kids move. They're on the go. They have an agenda all their own. And a lot of times their agenda does not involve smilnig for photos.

Next time you're on the mission to get that important shot try a bribe. It doesn't literally have to be cookies and milk (although that might go over pretty darn well!). One of my favorite non-food related bribes is using my cameras screen.  I tell my kiddos, "I am going to take 5 photos and then I'll let you see the results!". This usually works like a charm. They are soooooo excited to see themselves in miniature on my camera screen. I'm amazed at how easy it is.

Other "cookies and mik" I've tried?

  • Popsicles
  • Candy
  • Games
  • Special Activities
  • Extra TV Time

Sometimes we just need a cookie to keep us motivated and get the job done. Go eat some cookies, wash them down with a glass of milk, and send me what you've snapped (or any questions) to northpole@beyoungphotography.comI'd love to feature your work and/or questions on the blog.

Another gift will be on the way Friday.



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