♫ On the seventh day of Christmas
be young photography gave to meeeee... ♫
How are those lifestyle images come this week? Did you see my confession on the blog Wednesday or my sneaky images from this week?

For today's gift we're gonna slow down a bit...

Hang All The Stockings By the Chimney With Care

Think about all the elements of your photo before you shoot.

Have your plan. Survey the light. Put those bribes in your back pocket. Thnk about all the possible angles for getting an interesting shot.

Do this all BEFORE you even pick up your camera.

The more care you take, I guarantee the more success you'll have when you shoot.

Stay tuned Monday for a Christmas in July blog feature. Remember, I'd love to include some of your images. Won't you send me what you've been working on? Please? I'm waiting in anticipation at

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