Dear Friends,

During our Board retreat this weekend, Gina Sharpe, Guiding Teacher and Co-Founder of New York Insight, resigned from all positions at NYI as of December 31, 2016.

Gina’s dedication and wisdom has contributed greatly to NYI being one of the most vibrant urban Dharma Centers.  We’ll be forever grateful to Gina for her courage, leadership, wisdom, and tireless commitment to NYI that has shaped the growth and success of the Center over the past 20 years.  The Board accepted her resignation with great sadness in our hearts. 

Over the next three months she will reduce all teaching commitments. 

With Gina’s resignation the Board will create a Guiding Teachers Council to help shepherd NY Insight into its third decade, and ensure that the vision of NYI is upheld.  An ad-hoc Selection Committee has been formed to define the criteria for appointment to the Council and to recommend candidates to the Board by early October. Gina has graciously agreed to participate in this process.

Our entire community will be absorbing the full impact of this change over the coming months.  We’ll continue to keep the community informed and engaged as we move through this transition together.

With Metta,

The New York Insight Board

Gina Sharpe, Joseph Schmidt, Jon Aaron, Salma Abdullah, David Noble, Linda Spink and Sandra Weinberg (Emeritus).

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