We've got new uniforms, a new coach and a new website, just in time for the NEW YEAR!

A Stellar Swiss Season Begins!
A Festive Christmas Is Around The Corner

The team has grown this year to include athletes from all over New Zealand, both North and South Island. Ranging in ages from 8-18 years, we have a lot of parents accompanying our young team, so it will be a very festive Christmas in Switzerland.
It's exciting to have a bigger presence this year and, with our bright new sponsored uniforms by Marmot and Oakley, we expect to really stand out on the slopes! The word is that the local athletes are very keen to meet our new Kiwi competitors, which is positive for both us and the Swiss club we’ll be training with. It's a great opportunity to mix with a different culture and make new friendships from the other side of the world, some lasting a lifetime.
The Swiss athletes are very tough and experienced competitors, making fantastic training buddies for our kids. Not only will our athletes progress much faster, they will also have life-changing cultural experiences with a tonne of fun in the process!
All in all, it's shaping up to be a fantastic season.

Grant Stockman
Stockman Sports

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Northern Hemisphere Snow Season

December and January will be training months, with Swiss competitions throughout February and March. As we determine our athletes’ needs and capabilities we will decide on which European races to attend. Italy, France and Austria are all on the cards. The 2012 season came in late with a bang - 2metres of snow in 24hours - so it's looking like a superb start!

Ski Club Obersaxen in 2013

Once again Stockman Sports is proud to be working alongside Ski Club Obersaxen during the Northern Hemisphere Winter, 2013. Our triumphant 2012 season is largely testament to our great working relationship with Obersaxen, so again, a big thank you to the club and wider community for their continued and generous support.

New Uniforms

We will be hitting the slopes with bright new uniforms this season. For the second year, beanies have been provided by our on-going partner, Oakley, and drink bottles from Bright Sparks. This year, jackets are courtesy of new partner, Marmot, who sponsors the likes of Eric Bryant and CJ Carter. Not only do the jackets look fantastic, they are made with the highest quality performance product in mind and will keep our athletes warm on the slopes.

New Coach

Mike Allemann joins us for the month of January. Most of the team already know Mike from the New Zealand season so it will be reassuring for them to have another familiar face around. Mike is a local Swiss coach from Grindelwald and has raced internationally in FIS Slalom and Giant Slalom events. He certainly knows the slopes and will be a great asset to have on Swiss territory. He's a very positive person and his enthusiasm rubs off in his coaching.

New Website

We are proud to be launching a new website. It looks fresh and has some great new features including Sprongo, a video analysis channel used by many international skiiers. It's a fantastic tool and ideal for tracking the progress of our team. Athletes and parents will have their own login to access training videos of a specific athlete while friends and family can be updated no matter where they are in the world 24/7.
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