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Natel has released the fifth update video, highlighting progress both on the SLH100 assembly, as well as on construction at the Monroe Hydro project.

01 Product development

Unit for Monroe at 90% assembly. Installation in Q2 2015.
The SLH100 unit to be installed at the Monroe Drop OR site is nearing completion, as the major subsystems have been completed.  The machine is scheduled to be shipped in April, and will be commissioned in May.
Final seals installed in upper and
lower axle
After testing many options, a final axle seal architecture has been selected for use in the Monroe hydroEngine™.  Below Joanna Noble and Kevin Morris install and check-out the final configuration of the axle seal which has undergone more than 2,300 hours of testing.
Final cassette buildup before shipping
Since the first assembly of the SLH100 cassette in August, many components have been tested and refined to allow smooth operation after installation. Last month the team began the final buildup, which incorporates improvements in hydraulics, sensors, and routing.  
Guide vane 1 system assembly underway
Inside the SLH100, two sets of guide vanes redirect flow into the moving blades.  The inlet guide vanes (GV1) rotate to maximize efficiency as the water flow rate varies. The mid-plane guide vanes (GV2) are fixed in position in the cassette, and serve purely to redirect water flow from the first blade cascade to the second blade cascade. Below Alex Conn installs one of the GV1 units into the housing.

02 Project Focus

Monroe project on schedule 

Construction on the Monroe Hydro project commenced in earnest in January 2015 upon receiving signoff from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The construction crew has made excellent progress advancing from the intake structure to the powerhouse to the draft tube outlet. The project commissioning will begin in May 2015.
Mayo Mill Project in detailed engineering phase
Arnold Development is proceeding with their Dover-Foxcroft, ME mill restoration project called Mayo Mill, completing the detailed engineering design.

03 Business Development

Natel-Allotrope trip to Indonesia and the Philippines
In January, Adam Atkinson-Lewis travelled to Indonesia and the Philippines with Natel’s preferred partner in those markets, Allotrope Partners, to conduct an initial market opportunity assessment and meet with various project development, project finance, government, and NGO stakeholders for low-head hydropower development. The visits indicate exciting prospects for both near-term market development, as well as long term opportunity growth in both brownfield and greenfield projects. 

04 Media and outreach

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