Issue #3: 2017


Natel Conducts Third Party Hydraulic Performance Testing of Linear Pelton hydroEngine®

Natel’s Linear Pelton hydroEngine recently underwent hydraulic performance testing by a third party engineering firm, Rennasonic.  The results indicated that the turbine produced relatively constant efficiency of 75-84 % over the range of nozzle openings and heads tested.

Rennasonic is led by Mr. Jim Walsh, an expert in turbine performance testing.  Mr. Walsh is a member of the International Electro-technical Committee TC-4, working group 24 which is responsible for the publication of IEC 600041 standard for turbine performance testing.  He is also a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Power Test Code Group 18 that publishes PTC-18, the standard for turbine performance testing in the USA.  

Natel Engineer Metodi Zlatinov Participates in ORNL’s Standard Modular Hydropower Workshop

Natel was excited to participate in the Standard Modular Hydropower (SMH) workshop, organized by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) on June 14-15th.  The goal of the workshop was to engage industry stakeholders and accelerate the maturation of the SMH concepts ORNL has developed. The SMH framework envisions future small hydropower facilities in new stream-reach (NSR) as integrated systems of standardized modules. Natel shares ORNL’s view that standardization and modularization are the key to preserving stream functionality, reducing development costs, and increasing predictability of outcomes when it comes to NSR development. Natel continues to develop the Linear Pelton family of turbine units with modularity in mind (both in electromechanical and civil works aspects). Natel looks forward to ongoing discussion on opportunities for collaboration with workshop participants.

Natel’s Updated Agile Controls Deployed at Freedom Falls

Natel continues to improve its new hydropower control platform which merges monitoring tools from the IT world with the hardware flexibility of the automation world.  Natel installed the platform at Freedom Falls in June, allowing both engineers and plant operators to get a more detailed look into the performance and health of the plant. The platform continues to be used extensively at Natel’s headquarters to monitor fatigue and performance testing equipment. 

Natel Highlights a Restoration Hydro Development Framework

Check out a new section on Natel’s website, where you can learn more about the work Natel is doing on paired watershed restoration and distributed hydropower projects. Restoration Hydro integrates strategically-sited, low-head check structures that are used in some watershed and ecosystem restoration projects with Natel’s low-head, distributed and fish-friendly hydroEngine. This development approach creates an additional layer of economic value in the form of flexible, utility-scale renewable energy on top of the high-value water and environmental benefits of ecosystem restoration. 

Natel’s Gia and Abe Schneider Featured on Facebook Live

Natel’s CEO and CTO, Gia and Abe Schneider, were interviewed at this years’ HydroVision International Conference in Denver, CO by the U.S. Department of Energy Water Power team. Check out the video, Natel’s interview starts at 6:17.

Gia Schneider Receives PennWell Hydro’s “Women With Hydro Vision Award” at HydroVision International in Denver, CO

Gia Schneider, Natel’s CEO, was recognized for her “Women with Hydro Vision Award” at HydroVision International. 

Natel’s Metodi Zlatinov Attends the Upper Mississippi River Conference

Metodi Zlatinov, Sr. Mechanical Engineer at Natel, participated in the River Action “Hydro Potential on the Mississippi River” workshop, at Western Illinois University, designed to bring together U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state departments of natural resources, developers, dam owners, energy utilities, clean energy and environmental groups, engineers, public works, municipal and city officials to explore opportunities for hydropower in the Upper Mississippi River.

Natel’s CTO Abe Schneider Speaks at IEEE Power & Energy Society July 16-17 in Chicago, IL.

Natel’s CTO Abe Schneider spoke on a panel that discussed various aspects of water power generation at the IEEE Power and Energy Society Conference in Chicago, IL.  The goal of the panel was to open dialog among many different experts and stakeholder organizations working in the area of water power generation for possible future collaborations.  The panelists included engineers and researchers actively involved in research and development efforts in both marine and hydrokinetic and hydropower technologies to improve performance, lower cost and ultimately support our ability to sustainably meet its growing energy demand. 

Natel’s Jessica Andrews Attends Fish Passage Conference

The 2017 International Conference on Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage brought together international researchers and practitioners to exchange findings and experiences on fish passage issues. Presenters from around the globe are working to solve both upstream and downstream passage of regional species with many lessons learned to date and many more in the future. The program provided an opportunity to introduce the Linear Pelton hydroEngine to a community who parallels our work of instream development through safe and sustainable ecological design.

Natel’s Meghan Harwood Presents at the Sustainable Energy Coalition’s 20th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency EXPO

Meghan Harwood, Natel’s Government Affairs and Communications lead, participated on the Renewable Energy panel at the the 20th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency EXPO and Policy Forum. The forum brought together 40 businesses, trade associations, and government agencies to showcase renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Natel is Hiring

Visit the careers page for a full list of open positions!

New Team Member: Sterling Watson, Mechanical Engineer

Sterling is a mechanical engineer at Natel, interested in mechanical and system design for sustainable energy technologies. Prior to joining Natel, she was a graduate student at MIT focusing on village-scale, solar-powered desalination system design and optimization for the developing world. Sterling earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT.

New Team Member: Natan Jacobson, Mechanical Technician

Natan is a Mechanical Technician Intern. He is currently completing his BS in Mechanical Engineering at UC Davis, where he is a member of the Formula Electric SAE team. He is interested in the manufacture, testing, and assembly of machines, as well as clean energy and sustainability. 

New Intern: Roan Gideon, Environmental Engineering

Roan is an environmental engineering intern. His work focuses on innovative, modular civil layouts for Natel's hydropower projects in canals and dams. Roan is entering his senior year at Princeton University, where he studies Environmental Engineering with minors in Sustainable Energy and African Studies. He is excited to learn more about hydropower while working with Natel this summer.

New Intern: Ben Anderson, Mechanical Engineering

Ben is a Mechanical Engineering Intern. His work focuses on creating joint testers to determine a variety of joint characteristics in Natel's hydro engines, with which he will determine the expected operational lifetime of these joints. Ben is pursuing his Master's in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University, and will graduate in December.

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