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Natel has released a video describing the new Free Jet hydroEngine, and its installation at Freedom Falls, ME.

You have three opportunities to connect with Natel this year at Hydrovision 2016  in Minneapolis. Natel’s co-founders will both be speaking on panels and you can stop by our booth, 206, to talk with other members of the team: Ben, Eric, Meghan and Kevin.


01 Product Development

Hydraulic testing facility upgraded for larger flow rates
Natel relocated its hydraulic testing loop to the new Building 23 facility, and reconfigured it to allow higher flow rate testing of Free Jet machines. 

Shop upgrades

Work continues to progress on Natel’s machine shop, with electrical work concluding in June.  A Haas CNC mill, along with many other machine tools, were recently installed.

02  Business Development

Project Development
Natel is expanding its capacity to develop projects, as well as provide project development services, through the addition of two people - Jon Forrester and Charlie Turlinski - to our team. The development team is focused on executing 200 MW of project pipeline in the U.S. and 1-2 international markets.


In early June, a delegation of senior executives from Bhutan toured Natel’s headquarters and manufacturing facility, as well as our Freedom Falls and Monroe Hydro Projects. The delegation included executives from Druk Holding and Investments, Bhutan’s sovereign holding company, as well as Druk Green Power Corp., Bhutan Power Corp. and the Construction Development Company Ltd. 
Natel in Sacramento and Beyond
Natel has become more actively involved in supporting policy and regulatory recognition of the value of new baseload, renewable generation on the 21st century grid during conversations in California, Washington D.C., and beyond. The team is working on multiple grant and funding fronts to pilot projects with the hydroEngine that deliver combined ecosystem, ancillary service and grid co-benefits, helping define the value of distributed hydropower in the U.S.  

03 Project Focus

Freedom Falls Commissioning

The Natel team completed commissioning tests at the Freedom Falls Hydro Project in June. The unit was run with a reliability check to confirm continuous operation, and operated at 75% of maximum power. 

04 Hiring

Jobs on website
Natel is currently hiring for several engineering positions. Please check the website for a full list.

New Team Member: Jon Forrester

Jonathan has over 15 years energy industry experience at Google Energy, SunPower, BrightSource Energy (VP of Americas Development), and PG&E (Energy Procurement). Jonathan received an MBA and MS from the University of Michigan.
New Team Member: Charlie Turlinski
Charlie has 15 years in wind and solar renewable energy market experience. He is the FIRM clean energy founder, and has worked at BrightSource Energy (product portfolio) and EDP Renovaveis (Energy modeling). Charles received an MBA from MIT.

Returning Intern: Abe Gertler

At Natel, Abe is a returning intern.  Abe currently works on the design of the belt attachment testers, but in the past helped design the flywheel on the FJ-7A hydroEngine.  He is in his second year studying mechanical engineering and design at MIT.  Abe is interested in research related design, and hopes to work on projects which make the world a better place.
New Intern: Aliza Abraham
At Natel, Aliza is a hydraulic testing intern.  Her work focuses on hydraulic tests of the Free Jet hydroEngine, as well as work on electronics and sensors in the hydraulic testing facility.  She is a graduate researcher at MIT’s Experimental Hydrodynamics Lab.  She also received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Northwestern University. 

New Intern: Clementine Mitchell

At Natel, Clementine is a controls system intern.  Clementine focuses her work on researching controls hardware for Natel’s next generation of control systems.  She is in her second year in the Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering program at MIT.

05 Media and Outreach

Natel has released a new website!
Natel released an updated website - check it out at www.natelenergy.com


Natel will be at the Hydrovision 2016 conference in Minneapolis, MN from July 25th to 29th.  Natel’s booth is #206.

CTO Abe Schneider will discuss Small Hydropower Development Considerations using the Novel Low Head Free Jet Schneider Linear HydroEngine.  Thursday - July 28 2016, 8:30AM - 10:00AM
Room: 208D

CEO Gia Schneider is speaking on the panel Extreme Makeover: Hydropower.  Friday - July 29 2016, 8:30AM - 10:00AM 
Room: 211C
The seventh Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7), a global minister-level forum focused on accelerating the transition to clean energy, was held in San Francisco in June. Natel Energy was featured in the Startups & Solutions Showcase alongside a wide variety of other clean energy technologies, from smart streetlights to very high-efficiency solar panels. Additionally, CEO Gia Schneider participated in one of the CEM’s official roundtables focused on corporate sourcing of clean energy, which promises to be an important market driver for the deployment of new clean energy technologies like the hydroEngine. For more information about CEM7, check out www.cem7.org

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