Issue #1: January-February 2017

Natel is hiring for a range of positions including technician, mechanical engineer, and many more!  Visit the careers page for a full list of open positions.


A New hydroEngine® Model, Natel’s Linear Pelton

Natel has developed and built a new hydroEngine model, the Linear Pelton, the first-ever implementation of a linear free jet single stage impulse turbine. The technology utilizes the highly efficient fluid mechanics of a Pelton-style bucket on a linear powertrain, and removes the need for a draft tube, stators, wicket gates, or stay vanes.

Freedom Falls 

After a low season of precipitation, a few early rain and snowmelt events allowed the Freedom Falls Project to achieve several milestones, including a maximum to-date production of 20 kW.

In-Conduit Water + Energy Projects in California

Natel is working closely with Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District to explore hydropower retrofits in their existing system. Yolo is a leading district piloting diversion of winter runoff through its canal system to drive groundwater recharge. Natel and Yolo hope to use these projects to define and quantify the combined energy and water benefits of pairing hydropower with groundwater recharge winter flows in California irrigation systems.

New Team Member: Dana Nguyen

Dana is Natel’s new office manager.  Prior to Natel, Dana worked in finance for a healthcare management consulting firm. Dana received her BA in International Relations from San Francisco State University. She is interested in learning about the development of social, healthcare and environmental policies.

New Team Member: Metodi Zlatinov

Metodi is a mechanical engineer at Natel, with a passion for environmental stewardship and for pushing the limits of what machines can do. Prior to joining Natel, he leveraged CFD and optimization methods to develop cooling technologies for gas turbines at GE Aviation. Metodi also has experience with structural analysis of power plant components in accordance with the ASME codes. He earned his B.S.E in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University, and his M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT.

Natel is Hiring!

Natel is hiring for a range of positions including technician, mechanical engineer, and many more!  Visit the careers page for a full list of open positions.

Natel Selected for U.S. Department of Energy HydroNEXT Funding 

Natel was one of the six organizations selected in January by the DOE to receive up to $9.8 million in funding through the HydroNEXT initiative. Natel will leverage the new funding to test a laboratory-scale Linear Pelton (LP) turbine, a new model of hydroEngine that aims to further reduce civil works while maintaining a high efficiency. The other projects selected by the Department of Energy all aim to develop lower cost, high performance hydropower technologies

Abe Schneider Presents Monroe Hydro at the DOE Water Power Technologies Office Peer Review

Natel’s President & CTO Abe Schneider presented results of the Natel’s work at Monroe Hydro at the Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office Peer Review in Washington, DC. All programs within the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) are required to undertake rigorous, objective peer review of their funded projects to ensure and enhance the management, relevance, effectiveness, and productivity of projects.

Gia Schneider at The Freshwater Trust’s Annual Event: Then, Now, Next

Natel’s CEO, Gia Schneider, spoke at this years annual gala for The Freshwater Trust, an innovative conservation group based in Portland, OR focused on pioneering a new  outcome-based future for our nation’s freshwater resources, called Quantified Conservation. 

Natel hydroEngine Featured in Engineering360

Following the news of the DOE Water Power program funding recently awarded to Natel through the HydroNEXT program, Engineering 360 published a short article on the hydroEngine and its ability to expand low-cost hydropower development opportunities.

Natel Featured in U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Center Highlights

 A comprehensive overview of the opportunity and impact of Natel’s technology, with a focus on the achievements made possible by the DOE SBIR Phase II Award, was published by the U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) center.

NREL Industry Growth Forum

Natel Energy was selected to present at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 2017 Industry Growth Forum on April 13-14 in Denver, CO. Gia Schneider, Natel’s CEO, will present on Natel’s innovative hydroEngine technology and commercial development to date. The event aims to maximize networking and exposure of innovative cleantech companies to venture capital, corporate investors, and strategic partners. This year’s selection panel was comprised of nearly 80 professional investors and business incubators who reviewed 142 applications to select the 30 companies invited to present. More information on the forum can be found on NREL’s Industry Growth Forum website.

Waterpower Week in Washington

Natel will be at the annual Waterpower Week in Washington, D.C. from May 1-3, and will be participating in the annual National Hydropower Association Conference. Please reach out if you’ll be attending and would like to connect!

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