Kimberley, Kalahari, Karoo & Cape Towm

Colourful Cape Region

The August edition of our newsletter HAIa SAfari concentrates on a lesser travelled region of our diverse country. The Northern Cape mainly consists of the Great Karoo, an arid region. This does not mean that it has nothing to offer, quite on the contrary! Read on to find out more!
Big Hole


The diamond capital Kimberley is best-known for the Big Hole, which holds the record for the biggest man-made hole in the world. This gigantic 19th century excavation has a circumference of 1.6 kilometres. A mind-boggling 3 tons of diamonds were mined here. The Diamond Museum is well worth a visit.
Meerkat Colony

Adorable meerkat colonies have made the area around Kimberley their home. Our knowledgeable guide gives you an introduction into their interesting world. Enthusiastic photographers will need to be dragged away.

Experience the city by night in a different manner: a ghost tour! Our guide takes you to various buildings where the spirits of important residents are said to still roam around. Thankfully you will be back at your accommodation before midnight.



Close your eyes and imagine: red dunes and desert landscape, oryx antelope stark against the horizon, the sun setting, the distant roar of a desert lion… This is the Kalahari desert!
Tucked away between the dunes lies not only a number of small rustic, self-catering camps, but also a luxury 5 star lodge, which you reach after an exciting 4x4 drive over the dunes.
A visit to the KhoiSan is fascinating. When accompanying them in the dunes, you begin to realize how they survived in this arid landscape for thousands of years.
At night, the landscape is blanketed by billions of stars - a sight lost to the modern city dweller. Friendly staff at the lodge will introduce you to various constellations.
Karoo Flowers


August to October, after the first rain has fallen, the dry desert landscape of the Groot Karoo is transformed into a phenomenal sight: never-ending colourful carpets of flowers welcome visitors to the area. Unimaginable, how this usually dry and arid landscape can be transformed into such a beautiful sight!


… was voted as 2011’s most popular tourist destination worldwide on TripAdvisor. What else can we say? The cherry on top of any tour!

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