December CEO Newsletter
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Dear Peter,

As we wind down for Christmas and the festive season, I want to share with you Kara’s story which deeply touched me.
Kara is a single mother who two years ago purchased a home for herself and her son with the help of Darren Riddle, a broker in South Australia. 

Sadly, Kara was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and her ALI Group policy has provided her with so much financial and emotional relief that she wanted to share her gratitude, especially towards her broker. 
Below is an extract from a phone call we received from Kara.

Kara: Darren (broker) has changed my life. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. When he was talking about this life insurance thing I was like “no, I’ll never need it”. I remember him coming out to see me and my ex husband when we were doing the home loan and that’s when he said to me “do you have income protection?” and I said “no”.  He then said “what about life insurance?  You have a baby and now you’re going to have a mortgage.  There’s insurance set up for this kind of thing”. I had no idea.  I said “that sounds like a good idea” and my husband said “ok yep”. ALI is definitely a fantastic company.  I tell all my friends now, “you’ve got to get this insurance and you've got to go through this company” 

ALI:  And they listen to you?
Kara: yeah, well they've seen first-hand. I say “even if you can’t afford it, imagine if you didn't have it.”
The protection provided by Darren has allowed Kara and her son to go on a holiday together and spend quality time before she becomes too ill to travel.
Kara is very brave and our thoughts are with her and her son. I also want to take this opportunity to highlight the role of Darren, his discussion on life insurance has allowed Kara and her son to focus on what matters most during such a difficult time – each other.
In a week where we are reminded of the importance of looking out for each other, I just want to say a big thank you to the 1,300 brokers who have protected over 10,000 of their clients with ALI’s loan protection this year.

On behalf of the team at ALI, and in particular Kara and those clients who have been protected, I wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous 2015. We look forward to working with you next year.
Warm regards,
Huy Truong

ALI Group 
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