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Losing a Family Member

If you're on Facebook then you probably already saw the sad news but if not, here 'tis:
last night Jon Scholes passed away.
I know I speak for all of us who have listened since Dracula—and especially Premium audio listeners—when I say that we will all have a hard time reconciling Jon's lovely voice with mortality. He never, ever sounded as sick as he actually was.
But he was.
I'm working on getting in touch with family and friends to find out if there's a way to send flowers or make donations in his name (maybe to Crohns' research?) but for now, there's this video:

For Premium Members, I'll be re-planning our next audio adventure, but will have one more romp with Jon for you, soon. 


The Parts I Wrote Before the Sad News
NPR is starting a service where they'll let you recommend podcasts to them (and everyone else). It's a curated list, but they want you to send in your recs and ask that you select a single episode and provide a link to it.
I don't think I need to explain why being included on this list would be a game changer for CraftLit.
I sent in my link and recommendation for Chop Bard on Thursday. The whole thing took about 5 minutes (including finding the link on the site). 
If you have the time and an episode you'd recommend, I'd surely appreciate it.

* * * * *

Breaking Buttons...

There have been reports of buttons breaking on the site. It annoys me as much as it annoys you (maybe more) so I decided to put all the possible buttons I could think of right here in the email. One-stop-shopping!

Streaming Premium Audio—if you want the premium stuff via the smartphone/table app, this is the place to go. Click on the red banner and you'll be taken through the signup process (or click on a red episode from the app and the same process will unfold before you).
Premium Audio at Patreon—if you want to be part of the Patreon updates and especially if you often access your audio (the regular episodes, too) via a browser, this is probably your easiest way to go
Premium Audio the old-fashioned way (PayPal & Downloading)—unlike the previous two options, PayPal will let you sign up for $5-a-month or $60-a-year.

You can also pay by check (details on how to are here). And yes, the audio is on the page now—huge apologies. It was there... as a draft. Oops.

If this was forwarded to you or if you're reading it on Facebook, you can sign up for this newsletter here.

How to listen to the regular, ol' CraftLit episodes:
There are lots of different options:

Subscribe, Rate, and Review

Pod bay
The venues that have the most impact on the show's future success are iTunes and Stitcher (those seem to be the ones the mucky-mucks are watching). Subscribing through those sites and rating/reviewing there count for more than they used to.

Audio for Rose Wilder Lane's Spooky Story"Faces at the Window."

Audio for the brief episode the impact of Serial (series 1) and other pro-casts on podcasts.

* * * * *

As always, thank you so much for your continued support!

*The app has had weird issues for some of us when it comes to the premium audio. Hoping that the coming upgrade will help!
Current Audiobook is Sense & Sensibility and it starts with Episode 378

Cognitive Anchoring UK

Don't miss the talk as I breeze through London! Ticket and venue information can be found here.
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