June's Bustin' Out!
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annotated audiobooks for busy multitaskers

“Books were safer than other people anyway.” 

― Neil Gaiman
The Ocean at the End of the Lane


How did this happen? Did it happen to you? I blinked, not for very long, I thought, but I blinked and NOW IT'S JUNE!?
Where'd my month go?!

Part of it, I know, went to
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which is now in the counting stage... I believe announcements are made on the 26th. Thank you thank you thank you for your time and your votes!

And part of it went to Thing 1 turning 16! (There's that little voice in my head saying, "Nonononononooooo..." and another little voice saying, "Sooooon... sooon he can go get groceries...!") His festivities have some bearing on our podcast schedule.

I mentioned summer hours and they are upon me faster than I'd expected. Here's the lineup through the Paris trip. Weeks that have no CraftLit will not have a YouTube Crafty Chat and may not have a Premium episode either*:
  • 419 - June 10th - ch 27
  • 420 - June 17th - ch 28
  • 421 - July 1st - ch 29
  • 422 - July 8th - ch 30
  • 423 - July 15th - chs 31–32
  • 424 - July 22nd - ch 33 - (no crafty-just the book)
  • 425 - August 12 - ch 34- (no crafty-just the book)
  • 426 - August 19 - ch 35
  • 426 - September 9th - ch 36
  • 427 - September 16th - ch 37
  • 428 - September 23rd - chs 38–39
  • 429 - October 7th - ch 40 (no crafty-just the book)
  • 430 - October 28th - chs 41–42
*(my goal is always to get at least three out of four Premium episodes out the door every month)
You may have noticed that the upcoming week isn't listed for an episode. We'll be in NYC with Thing 1 for his 16th birthday and there won't be time. I'm sorry about that since the next week's Friday is actually the first of July. But, I'll be Instagram-ing/Tweeting and Facebook-ing—and may have some actually interesting sights to share. One of the places The BoyYoung Man wants to go is the 9/11 Memorial Museum.
I've seen the fountains, but that's it. It'll be the first time the boys see how close my classroom was to the South Tower. Should be... interesting.

More soon and, as always, if I CAN get out more episodes than you see here, you can bet I will!

Hope you have a great summer and if the schedule changes, I'll send out another note!

Many many thanks,
If you wanted to watch the awards ceremony, you might want to follow the award's Twitter Account @podcastawards and/or preferred hashtag #pca16 and/or the Award's Twitter Stream as announcements about the awards ceremony will appear there—right now it's still tentatively on June 26th.

Podcast Midatlantic

I'll be speaking on the ADD mind (Cognitive Anchoring) and podcast listeners' needs.
If you know any podcasters, please let them know!

Swedesboro, NJ (outside Philly)
9/10 - 1/11
If you're in the Facebook group (and if not, why not?!) you may have noticed some chatting about the wonderfulness of Bleak House
If you're still not sure (what with it being 50-hours-of-audio±) You can get the first Bundle, see if you like it, and risk less time and money. 
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