October 01, 2012

Friends and friend patients,
How time flies !!! On October 1, 1996 I opened the door to Rose Acupuncture. A lot has transpired in those 16 years. I have met wonderful and interesting people in my practice, many of which I consider friends. I have treated thousands of patients doing over 25,000 treatments. I have used close to half a million needles. I have practiced in five different offices and opened a yoga studio in one of them. I have attended many Chinese Medicine seminars and in 2005 returned to school for two years of doctoral training, graduating in 2007. Most of what I have learned, however, has been from treating you and other patients. It has been a great honor and privilege to treat and get to know you.

Five years ago, while still in the doctoral program, I discovered the need for more reasonably-priced acupuncture treatment. It is then that I began seeing patients in a community setting, with all patients in one room, all in comfortable recliners, everyone healing together. It has been an important change for me and it has worked well. Occasionally, we have to deal with some snoring, or a loud patient, but for the most part it has been wonderful.

I greatly appreciate everyone’s support and I want to say thank you to you all.

Since I began practicing acupuncture, I have learned much about this vast system of medicine. Recently, I found a new teacher. His name is Bob Doane. He practices in Washington state and has the busiest practice in the U.S.  Mr. Doane has studied with my main acupuncture teacher, Dr. Richard Tan, and has taken Dr. Tan’s information to a new level. To me that means simplifying treatment strategies and increasing positive results. In the few months that I have been employing his ideas, I am noticing better outcomes in the treatment of pain, especially with neck and low back pain. As you can imagine, this has been very satisfying. If you are having pain, give me a call. Let me show you what I have learned.

My father passed away in 2011 and left me a small gift. I have decided to use his gift over the next few years, taking a trip or two that I otherwise would not be able to make. This year, I will be traveling to Brazil. I am going with a small group to do some personal growth work. It is my hope that this journey will be a benefit to me both personally and professionally. And, if it is a benefit to me, it will in turn be a benefit to you. It is my belief that the healthier I am, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, the better I am equipped to help others with their issues.

I will be out of the office beginning Wednesday, October 24 and back on Wednesday, November 14.

While I am gone, my friend and fellow acupuncturist, Caryn Tierney, will be here a few days a week to assist you with your treatments. Please continue making appointments in the usual fashion.

I have included some interesting links this month. One is an article about acupuncture myths. I have also included a few videos, one about the new San Francisco Bay Bridge and two about the exploration of Mars. They are fascinating. Enjoy.

So, thanks for reading, be in good health, and feel good until I see you next.

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