May 21, 2013

Old Dog, New Tricks and Good News, Bad News
­­When I began acupuncture school, in 1993, I thought that I was entering into a career that would lend itself to lifelong learning. It has turned out to be true. In the past year, I have discovered some new “tricks” that have helped me achieve better treatment outcomes.
Acupuncture is an amazing tool. What I have found is that if I stay open minded, open to different treatments ideas, the better my treatments get, and the better off my patients can be.
During this past year, I have studied with some of the finest teachers in the U.S. and have learned some terrific information on acupuncture, especially in the treatment of pain. The beauty of this new information is that it easily piggy backs onto what I have known, and have already been doing for a while.
So, the good news is that with my new methodology, you and I can get better results. The bad news is I am using more needles. Here is an example. In the past, when I would treat neck pain, I would use a few needles, on only one limb, usually the opposite side arm or leg. I am now using enhanced point locations, with more needles, and using them on all four limbs. The results have been remarkable.
If I haven’t seen you in a while, or you are in pain again, please give me a call and you can experience what I am talking about.
A note on my office garden:
I, along with the help of Denise Frazier, have a wonderful vegetable garden this year. We have grown lots of things that you like to eat. When you come for your treatment, please take some food home with you. Also, if you need help with your garden, Denise could help you, too.  I can get you in touch with her.

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