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Grammar: It’s all about me
(and whoever else is reading)

When the world seems out to get me, and nothing is going my way, there’s a phrase I like to repeat to myself: “If it won’t matter in 10 years, it doesn’t matter now.”

This grammar lesson is all about personal pronouns in the form of objects. They can be tricky to parse, but a little understanding of how they’re supposed to be used should help.

First, let’s look at the word “me.” As used in the sentence above, “me” acts as an object, or the thing that something is done to. Consider these examples:

  • “The world seems out to get me.”
  • “She gave the book to me.”
  • “He gave a smile to John and me.”

“Me” is always used as an object.

Note, by the way, that the word “myself” acts as an object, too, but it is always reflexive, meaning that it can only be used when you are the object of your own actions or to add emphasis. It would never be OK to say, for example, “He gave a smile to John and myself,” but it would be just fine to say, “I gave a smile to myself” or “I drew that myself.”

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What is a personal brand, and why does it matter?

As you read the following quotes, consider how you would feel about the people referenced. Would you want to do business with them?

  • “She never returns calls or emails—it’s really hard to do business with her.”
  • “He charges some customers more for projects if he thinks they have money.”
  • “He never pays his company bills on time…it’s a nightmare to get paid.”
  • “She drank too much at a networking event and shared confidential information.”
  • “He exaggerates and takes credit for everything to make himself look better.”
  • “She’s on her Facebook page all day at work—how does she get anything done?”
  • “He looks good online but he’s a jerk in real life.”

Now ponder how you would feel if you learned people were saying these things about you.

The sad news is that those statements are based on real chatter in our local business community. People took note of character behaviors and they told their friends and family…and those personal brand conversations had a negative impact on the reputation of individuals and the companies they work for. Ouch.

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Featured business:
Jake's Western Grill

Did you know that Jake’s Western Grill in Lynden has new owners?

In late 2017, restaurant veteran Vicka Haywood took the Lynden eatery over, and she’s made a heck of a lot of exciting changes in that time. If you haven’t been to the restaurant lately, now might be a good time to revisit Jake’s for some tasty barbecue, salads, sandwiches and more.

Here’s a rundown of some of the recent changes at Jake’s:

  • Meatloaf Mondays: It’s not even on the menu, technically, but every Monday at Jake’s Western Grill, customers can get a special plate of fresh-made meatloaf, just like mom used to make, for lunch or dinner.
  • Breakfast: Jake’s is open for breakfast starting at 7 on weekend mornings. Until 11 on Friday and Saturday and until 1 on Sunday, customers can eat eggs benedict, French toast, Denver omelets and more. Oh, and there’s bacon. Lots of bacon. A limited breakfast menu is available during the 11-to-1 Sunday brunch hours.
  • New menu items: Fresh additions to the Jake’s menu include chicken wings, a tuna salad sandwich...
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