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This week we published an interview with the Swedish Pirate Party's outspoken MEP Amelia Andersdotter on ACTA's demise and the internet's future. The European Parliament overwhelmingly rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement in July, a decision Andersdotter believes was heavily influenced by global public protests. She also discusses the upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) and how a lack of transparency has kept civil society groups in the dark.

Our latest case study by Katie Engelhart explores what exactly was wrong with historian Orlando Figes publishing caustic anonymous reviews of his competitors' books on Amazon. Elsewhere on the site, two FSD team members take two very different positions on free speech restrictions in their home countries. Manav Bhushan argues that recent internet and SMS crackdowns in India may have been justified to reduce alarming levels of intercommunal violence. Funda Ustek documents instances of high-profile censorship during the Olympics to argue that Turkey uses religion as an excuse to censor the nation's imagination.

We also published the first English translation of Al-Azhar's new Statement on Basic Freedoms, which suggests where sharia law may be compatible with international conventions to guarantee free expression. Demonstrating our commitment to reaching as many of you online as possible, we published our ten draft principles in Polish, bringing our grand total to 15 languages. The FSD team also produced a Mexican wave of sound, reciting two of our draft principles in their native tongues.

We'll be in touch in two weeks' time with the latest case studies, interviews and discussions. Until then, we look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.

Brian Pellot
Online editor

Amelia Andersdotter

ACTA's end?

Swedish MEP Amelia Andersdotter discusses the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement's failure in European Parliament and WCIT, the net's next four-letter foe.

Islamic rights

Al-Azhar's new Statement on Basic Freedoms, translated into English by FSD, invokes sharia law to protect freedom of opinion, faith, creativity and science.
India censorship

Blocking hate

An Indian member of the FSD team makes the case for censoring hate-filled websites to stop intercommunal violence in his country. Please join the debate here
Polish principles

Po Polsku!

Read our 10 draft principles translated into Polish by Maciej Stasinski of Gazeta Wyborcza. If you would like to see them in your mother tongue, please let us know.
Lennon Olympics

Turkish Taboo

A Turkish TV presenter censored John Lennon's song Imagine during the Olympics' closing ceremony. FSD's Funda Ustek discusses Turkey's censorship regime. 

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