I wanted to give you this update on the latest news on Left Field Brewery from City Hall.
I wanted to give you this update on the latest news on Left Field Brewery from City Hall. I just received this note from Mr. Michael Williams, General Manager of City Economic Development & Culture this afternoon:

"Further to our conversation this morning on the issues with regard to the operations of Left Field, I would like to assist with resolving the issues between residents and the Brewery. I am proud of the City's ability to work to resolve such conflicts since we have many situations where there are industrial users in close quarters with residents."

With this commitment in hand, and a separate commitment from the Acting City Manager to play a role, I am able to withdraw my motion at Council that was seeking this same assistance. I look forward to working with City staff, the brewery operators, and neighbours to ensure the success of the brewery and to help it harmonize with the neighbourhood.

I've always supported Left Field in coming to the neighbourhood, at the Committee of Adjustment and with the AGCO. The introduction of a tap room and bottle shop on Wagstaff is a new retail use in a building that was previously exclusively industrial - this has brought a new vibrancy to the laneway, but has also raised some concerns among neighbours about the impact on their own yards. It's important for Left Field's success that a solution is reached that can work for everyone, and I believe the City has a responsibility to help put that solution in place. I'm glad to have the attention of key staff to help ensure a long future for this new business in our community.


Councillor Paula Fletcher
Ward 30 - Toronto Danforth

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