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January is almost behind us. If you gave up something for 31 days in a rush of new year enthusiasm, it's about to be Binge Friday. February brings LGBT History Month with lots of events and even at least three in our area specifically about the "B" (woohoo!)



Astonishingly, BiPhoria will be 25 this year.  If you have ideas and/or could help organise something to celebrate a quarter-century of bi organising in the city do drop me a line!

Upcoming Meetings

This Tuesday (tomorrow, 29 Jan) from 8pm as a bonus bi meet we'll be playing Just A Minute at LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street.  If you're not familiar with it, it's a game of wordplay and linguistic skill, but even if you're a bit rubbish at it you can still have fun.

Tuesday next week is 5th Feb. It's our first main monthly bi talky space meeting at the LGBT Foundation community centre, on account of the LGBT Foundation having been closed on the first Tuesday in January. Facebook event here.

Two weeks later on Tuesday 19th Feb it's our regular bi pub meet - facebook event here. It's back to the Waterhouse again this time.

Our monthly Bi Coffee meet at the Vienna Coffee House is on Sunday 17th from 1pm. Here's the facebook event. Bi Coffee meet is proving really popular at the moment and I know having something that isn't on a Tuesday is handy for a lot of people.

History Month Events & More

A couple of organisations have booked BiPhoria speakers for LGBT History Month events this month - watch this space for news of those in a separate email.  If you're planning something and want to arrange a bi panellist or the like do get in touch soon: February is filling up fast!

A little bit further in the future, you might have seen there's a touring LGBT exhibition from the British Museum which has just arrived in the Midlands. The next stop on their itinerary is in Bolton in March, which will be a lot easier to get to for most of us.

Finally remember that @bisexualhistory on twitter and @bihistory on facebook have "on this day..." stories of bi life throughout the year.

See you soon, 

Jen Yockney MBE

PS Weekend passes for BiCon Lancaster have gone on sale!  It's on 1-4 August this summer.

What do you remember?

We're building on our bisexual history project as part of LGBT History Month.

What do you remember from the Manchester bi scene? From the battle for inclusion in the 80s to your first BiFest, from peculiar door policies in gay bars to the campaign for same-sex marriage, tell us your bi stories.

Drop us a line!

Essential reading...

We love BCN. As the bisexual magazine that's kept us informed for over twenty years it's a bisexual institution!

It's also one of the best things to leave lying about the house as that subtle reminder to guests that you're (still) bisexual...

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