Prophetic Endtime Word: Psalm 33


To honour Him,

our Lord Jesus Christ, the and the 

                                                                         ...just by Grace!


Prophetic Endtime Word for Aquila Deborah (Dorine), november 2005
Prophesied by someone who wishes to remain anonymous within the Body

Psalm 33:7
He gathers the waters of the sea together as a heap;
He lays up the deep in storehouses.

Realize Daughter, what is My Water? In the Water is true Moving in the Water!
Working together, playing and Moving in the Water! What then is the Water?
Is it not Me Myself, Daughter of Zion? Come and join! Join on the Waves,
the Rhythm of My Breathing!
What is My Breathing? That all, the Water and My Breath
is Living with Me!

Have you ever experienced it like this? I want to go further, much further and I want to give more of My Spirit! Rise up Daughter of Zion, do not fight the fight that takes effort, rise up and come along with Me!
I want more than up till now, more of My Works! I have given, added, taken away and put away. Now together with My Daughter I want to accomplish a Work that is Deeper and on another Level!
Have I not said that those who come after Me, will do even greater Works?

Living with Me is more than an adventure, it is endlessly more! I want to reach Fullness in My Maid Servant! Yes, complete Fullness! A New Work, a New Call. Not waiting anymore, not awaiting anymore, immediately and directly because My Daughter lives closer to Me!

A Miracle Work will happen soon, I will give what I have promised to do. Soon I will give My daughter a different Insight, completely different than anything else!
I am taking you, on wings of the eagle at another Height in a whole different Way I will give Sight.

A deeper Insight. This is My Work: a deeper Insight into those who will pass by.
A deeper Insight into My Word, written and spoken. Directly, very directly I will let know, give an Insight in the Things that really matter. No turning, no detour, reaching the Goal directly and taking on directly. Knowing directly and acting directly. I will take away what has hindered it up till now. Take away the hindrances, the obstacles. A cleared way for the Work that We Together will accomplish, Together! I will show Sights like never before! No man has seen this, no man! Healing, Deliverance, Knowledge and Speaking, all out of the Full Truth, no longer just impressions, no longer just waiting for My Voice, DIRECTLY!

THIS will be the Work of the Waterfloods,
This will come out of My Storerooms!

Yeshua Jireh.
                   ...and His Voice sounded as the sound of many Waters (Rev.1:15b)   
                   ...and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad. (Mat.12:30)

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