The Fulfilling Anointing; Ba'al-Perazim

To Honour Him,

our Lord Jesus Christ, the and the 

                                                                         ...just by Grace!

His River of Fullness Apostolic Moving; to Serve Him by Serving you.
God Is a God of Order!
The ‘Spearhead’: a Fulfilling Anointing (1)
1 Kron.14
(1) Adapted quote from: Moving in the Apostolic, John Eckhardt

Jerusalem, december 2012, after two weeks
of heavy Prophetic actions and deep Priesthood
He Supports remarkably strongly
in and through the Prophetic (Prayer) Team,
Joined to them and Moving with them as Acts 2-Church.

God has Joined Aquila Deborah (Dorine) and Israel Immanuel (Barry) in an extraordinary, Powerful and (still) unique Dynamics of Apostle and Prophet;
Caught by the Holy Spirit growing from Royal Priests into Priestly Kingship.
(click) Court of Zion He Released in spring 2014;
For out of Zion shall go forth the Law (Isa.2:3).
With this, previously spoken Prophecies are again being Fulfilled,
an outSpoken end of Endtime Calling.
How this Works, we attempt to describe below as clearly as possible;
for His Prophetic Moving is incredibly multi-Dimensional.
A New Work!

John 4:34
Jesus said to them,
“My food is to do the Will of Him who Sent Me,
and to Finish (Fulfill) His Work."

Mind the two words ‘Sent’ and ‘Fulfill’.
The Lord Jesus Christ was Sent by the Father, and His Desire was
to Fulfill His Assignment. This Verse connects being Sent with Fulfilling.
That is why you can call the Apostolic Anointing a ‘Fulfilling Anointing’.

It takes an Apostolic Church to Fulfill the Great Assignment.
Fulfill does not only refer to reaching the end of your Assignment or walk.
It means to Finish something, make it Whole, Complete it.

The Lord is Preparing the Church to be ready, so that She can Fulfill Her Task.
The Apostolic Ministry is absolutely essential in Preparing the Church to reach
that Goal. Without the pure Ministry of the Apostle the Church will miss the needed Grace, Power and Authority that is needed to carry out her Assignment and to Fulfill it. 
Acts 20:22-24
And see, now I go bound in the spirit to Jerusalem, not knowing the things that will happen to me there, except that the Holy Spirit testifies in every city,
saying that chains and tribulations await me.
But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself,
so that I may Finish (Fulfill) my race with joy, and the ministry which I received
from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the Grace of God.
Mind Paul’s attitude. 
He was determined to Fulfill his walk with a good result. Nothing could keep him from Fulfilling his Ministry. There was an enthusiasm and determination to Fulfill it. This should be the attitude of the Church today. We need to have an Apostolic Mindset. 
We must be motivated and determined to Fulfill the Great Commission. This Mindset Overcomes all obstacles and hurdles that stand in the way to Accomplish it. Temptations, trials and tribulations do not scare off the True Apostle. 
There is a Grace in his / her Anointing that Overcomes all opposition
and Breaks through every barrier.
And he / she does not stop until the Task is Fulfilled.
The Combination Apostle/Prophet
There is a mega Power in the Moving together of an Apostle and a Prophet.
The Apostle is fast, sharp, accurate, sensitive and Builds precisely according
to the Blueprint of the Heavenly Jerusalem, and has a Line of Anointing with everyone.
The Apostle is the captain of the ship, with a God-given Anointing for overview and to act decisively and accurately at the right time, only according to His Instructions.
(Picture Apostle: hawk) See the Prophecy of Psalm 33.
The Prophet is sensitive and rich in Knowledge, has powerful View on the High Line and can communicate this well, while in everything he accurately follows the Line of Anointing the captain Receives. The Prophet is in the mast of the ship.
The Apostle adds what the Prophet ‘Sees’ to his / her own Sight and so Obtains a complete Picture to correctly Course the ship through the wild sea and the storms of time and culture, whipped up by darkness. (Picture Prophet: eagle)

The major challenge in the Moving together of Apostles and Prophets is for the Prophet to not immediately act upon that which God Reveals, but to wait until the Apostle, who Received from God the Anointing to Build, Senses that it is the right Time and that it fits within the complete Picture God Gives. For the Apostle it is important to insert the far sights of the prophet in one’s own Anointing Line, without losing one’s own Line with God and the overview in breadth.

Together they have a Fulfilling Anointing.
He Has Determined that this Combination Overcomes the world, Overcomes everything.
The Apostle and the Prophet Carry the complete Fivefold Ministry in them. They were Sent two by two, He could Give these pairs the Power over the entire host of the enemy! Their names were Written down in Heaven! 

Luke 10:17-19
Then the seventy returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons
are subject to us in Your Name.”
And He Said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.
Behold, I Give you the Authority to trample on serpents and scorpions,
and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Empowered by His Fullness (Sevenfold Fortified Spirit of God, 
Which Jesus Received only AFTER His Resurrection),

in the Unity of the Song of Songs Love, 
we Overcome the world in Him,
and we can, thanks to Him, become faster than the snake!
It will be that through the Combination-Sword Apostle/Prophet
and their High Priestship Delegated by Jesus Christ,
the monster that is in the sea will be Killed!!
From the Highest Height allowing only the Spirit to 
Search, Root out, Destroy, Plant, Water and Guard the deepest depths!
An utmost willing spirit in perfect Sanctification is needed for this;
otherwise the soul and the body of the Priestly King are unnecessarily damaged.
This is learned by (bitter) experience; impossible to handle without His Grace!

Through our 24/7 Worship, He Fights the Fight!
This way, the Anointing optimally Reaches the Territory of Mandate Given to us by Him,
is what the Word Teches, Jesus Showed us (Gethsemane and land of gadarenes, Mark 4+5)
and what has become Clear from the Fruits. 


Isaiah 27:1
In that day the Lord with His Severe Sword, Great and Strong,
will Punish leviathan the fleeing serpent,
leviathan that twisted serpent;
and He will Slay the reptile that is in the sea.
Not the teaching of Jesus,
but the Lord Jesus Christ Himself Is the Living Cornerstone! 

So also the Apostles and Prophets form the Living Foundation of the Church!
On this God Builds The Church.
A Combination Apostle and Prophet Forms With Jesus a threefold Cord
that cannot be broken!
Ephesians 2:19-20
Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners,
but fellow Citizens with the Saints and members of the Household of God,
having been Built on the Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets,
Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone, (…). 

This way, Isaiah 27 is continued (verse 2-3):
In that day sing to Her,
“A Vineyard of red wine!
I, the Lord, Keep it,
I Water it every moment;
lest any hurt it,
I Keep it night and day.

God’s Precious Sons and Daughters find Complete Liberation,
Resurrection and Protection under this combined Anointing!
An Anointing that Flows out like a Mantle;
Psalm 133, the Anointing that Runs down from Aaron's beard.
Gods Order = Love in Wisdom!

The ‘Drill head’ in the Source of His River of Fullness
God Has Composed the Team of His River of Fullness in an extraordinary Way. 
(He Builds from the inside out! Psalm 133 Aaron Anointing)
It is an Apostolic/Prophetic Team,
that Moves like a Moses and Aaron,
like a Joshua and Zerubbabel



Theodora Maria Aquila Deborah (Dorine) clearly Received from God the position of a Moses; the first time He Called her for this was in 1995, after that many Confirmations followed, both through Prophetic Words as through Visions, Pictures and Testimonies, throughout the years, up till now;
a New Authority, a New Work, He Continues to Speak...   one Flow...

(Theodora = Gift of God, name Received via her grandmother at her birth, also through her parents the name Maria, which we Know now Refers to Mary of Magdalene (the bloodline). Aquila = eagle, Deborah = Mother of Israel, Worshiper, Judge, Prophetess.)
She is the one who Received the Assignment from God to Lead the people out, precicely Led by the Holy Spirit in a NEW Way, He Spoke in 2005 and again in 2009, 2012 and 2015; she Meets the Father Face to face, He does not Allow her to come/stay anywhere where the Holy Spirit Cannot / is not fully Allowed to Do His Work. She is an Overseer (already in 1995 she Received a spiritual Map from Him, including the New Jerusalem Blueprint. In Moving together with Israel and the Prophetically Called Team, the illuminati network gradually unfolded more and more).
She is 24/7 Servingly Moving at the front, pouring herself out (Water and Oil, Obtained through High Priestship specifically for that momentthat specific Work) precisely where the Father Leads her, as He also Led His Son Jesus Christ. She had to go through a firm Training for this in order to both Obtain the Anointing as well as to learn not to damage herself; without Grace she could not have, and cannot do This! 
Literally Buying Gold with her life.
"A New Work"He spoke in 2005. (click link)

Since the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, everyone can Hear from the Holy Spirit him/herself (1 Joh.2:27). So, every human Tests what Applies to him/herself and adds during meetings and in Moving together in his/her God-Given Way.
(Acts 2: Meetings under continuous Doctrine of Apostles and Prophets, whereby every person has Something to contribute.) 

The spiritual as well as the natural Map which Deborah already Received in 1995 in the Spirit, has become more specific through the years. In her, the Heavenly Converges with the natural.  

Early 2008, a Prayer Minister Saw in the Spirit a large white Eagle
on her back, his head was above her head. The Message: "You are not allowed anymore to stay anywhere where there is not enough space for the head of the Eagle.
Also, this Eagle will Fight for you himself where there is danger".

She Knows to be Called, meanwhile closely Moving together with Israel (her first spiritual son), to hold up 'the Banner of Love' (Isa.62:10) amidst a group of wounded soldiers, as an intercessor saw in a Dream for her, to Lead God's Called Children, 
particularly bound and wounded Apostles and Prophets, out of the bondage of the system (Deliverance even to the decoding of illuminati programmed slaves, there are more of them than people think, many more, nearly everyone to more or lesser extent, has turned out through the years!!).
Prophets who are kept bound!

Revelation 6:9-10; the fifth seal.
Sculpture opening fifth seal
(This sculpture she Received in a surprisingly Miraculous Way
when the Father Sent her to the Island of Patmos for an extraordinary Endtime Assignment.)

She may Lead them into their true Identity in Christ. In this, we as a team Moving closely together with her, experience that God sensitively Leads her and Places all means and His Mandate at her disposal to Fulfill His seemingly impossible Assignment.   
David Jozua Israel (Barak) Immanuel Functions a.o. as an Aaron Placed next to a Moses and as a Joshua Priest next to a Zerubbabel.
It seems far-fetched, but In The LivingFlowing Spirit, the constant RhemaFlow of Christ Are all Offices. All of the Old testament is the Shadow of the Body of Christ, Which is Arising at this time.
(Israel = ‘struggle with God’, meeting God after a long search. It also means ‘prince/ruler of God’ or ‘may God Reign’. In Judges, Barak went together with Deborah, how Prophetic! Immanuel = God with us. David Who as King may reign with Christ and Israel; the People for whom He, Placed together with Aquila Deborah as a Joshua and Zerubbabel, Has Carried Intensely Deep Priesthood for  a long period of time from 2009-2015, and still).
Aaron Translates what Moses has Received from God to the people. He is the mouth, gives Words to the Substance Deborah Receives in her spirit. He follows her precisely, and therefore Him, whereby more and more his own Contribution is a rich Addition in the total Functioning of the Fivefold Ministry. This has turned out to be important for both Directing the group as for Moving outward (nationally
and internationally).
He Confirms constantly in a diverse and unprecedented creative Way. 
God Shows Israel certain points/lines and Deborah adds to that, or vice versa,
and immediately the Holy Spirit Starts a Conversion Process (High Priesthood) through Deborah and Israel, both in their own characteristic Way, Captive in Christ, until the full Anointing is there and the lines of darkness break. (On a morning in 2005, Deborah Sensed to be Taken in a Vision, standing on the back of a Golden Chariot, Holding Up a Large White Flag. The Chariot rapidly shot from left to right and there where the wheels hit a dark line (egregore line), the line snapped and the Chariot shot to the other side; 
It just went on and on...)
With these Processes always comes a deeper Breakthrough in one or several individuals in the group, who in that moment Prophetically stand (for the Body)
for Something God has Determined in advance, their Territory of Mandate; so Special.
The Holy Spirit has been Conscientiously Working this Way for over 6 years now.
It has become very clear to us that nothing stands on its own.
An example of this from God's Word is the Healing of the demon-possessed man from the Gadarenes in Mark 5:1-20. Regarding the content, we sense that we cannot share more about this on the website.
God Willing, Israel will publish his unique Testimony of these past 7 years in a book..

After a long and intense Battle, Israel Barak may now call himself
Israel David Jozua Immanuel.

Confirmations from 'outside' complete the growing and ever unfolding View
that God is Giving.
Also, we recognize part of the Work He Gives us to do in the Work He is Doing through Amanda & Roly Buys, Kanaan-Ministries in south africa,
and Doug & Lori Riggs, Ministry for the EndTimes in the state of new york,
whom He Brought on our path in 2012;
we Bless His Work in and through them!

The Teaching they bring Confirms and Supports our Moving
to a significant extent!  

Together, Aquila Deborah (Moses) and Israel Immanuel (Aaron) (Zion-Israel) form,
through the Fulfilling Anointing, 
the Drill head of the Source group in His River, 

Propelled from Above by the Living Water Flowing into the Source of 
His River of Fullness, by and through The Rhema Anointing Breaking through the world system (illuminati strongholds) 
('always on the Cutting Edge'). We know we are, while being Moved by His River, Directed to Build His House for the Sanctuary, as human IN Him this means Being Still, Worship, Setting boundaries, Watching over and Speaking, with the Focus on Building through Love from the inside out, and being Led to, wherever we are,
Direct the River for Purification, under His conscientious Leading,
daily Confirmed several times by the Word of Prophecy, which has meanwhile become Clear to us from Him; the Fruit is there; 
Carrying Royal Priesthood for the twelve tribes of Israel
for the Arising of His Bride

Jerusalem Prophets Council
Zion  -  Jerusalem  -  Israel

God Spoke october 2012 on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem

From Zion, since september 2009 during 7 years Aquila Deborah and Israel Immanuel Pierced from Above Led by the Spirit through the demonic roof of the netherlands and the nations, and Exerted His Authority over the system, as a result of which His Children can be Set Free (Psalm 1+2) .
Only an Apostolic Prophetic Team, precisely Building on His Word, Led by the Holy Spirit, Obtains the Breakthrough Anointing to Break through the system! 
He has Joined us in a Jeremiah Call 
to Root Out, Pull Down, Destroy and Throw Down, and to Build and Plant (Jer.1:10). 
And also to Place 'the Sword', called as Ezekiel, exactly as He Leads (Deut.4 and Joshua 1) and to Proclaim Life.
The Anointing Entrusted to Deborah is like the Cyrus Anointing (Isa.45) 
That Opens the locks, Destroys the prisons and Brings people Home in Zion.

Together we are privileged to form the Living Foundation, Built on Cornerstone
Jesus Christ. Because we meet the need of His Children (feetwashing) and the Holy Spirit constantly Cleanses their Foundations in His Priesthood through us,
His House is being Built.
A House for the Sanctuary: 1 Chron.28:10+20
See also (click): 
'Build Me a House for the Sanctuary. Sect of New Jerusalem Blueprint?'*
* in dutch; english version will appear under this link when available.
Meanwhile, we recommend using a translation program.

we SO cannot do this ourselves; HE Does It!!! 
To Him all Honor and Thanks for deep Revelations,
Strength every time again, and above all His Love continually Expressed to us,
in 'the kitchen' of this yet unprecedented Happening,
in very diverse ways,
but above all we are thankful to our Heavenly Father for His endless Grace
that we were to Receive up till now!

Do you know to be Called to Join as a True Disciple
and are you willing to Pay the Price?

Then read and consider well with Him again what He Himself Asks you for this in and through the Word:
Luke 14:25-35.

With Him we are 'yearning' for the Arising of the True Sons and Daughters of God;
those, who are to be Born out of Zion (Psalm 87:5).

The Harvest truly is great, the gatherers of the Harvest still disturbingly few...
For us it was intense Ploughing, and still He Gives us no rest;
so few of His Children who Know their Responsibility... Unfortunately...
Isa.62:6-7: no Rest untill...

We see It Coming About, and greatly Rejoice, 
The King Is Coming.

Gladly we would like to meet you then, 
wherever in the world you are at the moment;
He Shows you, He Shows us His Way,
this for the Healing and Arising of ONE Bride without spot or wrinkle!

Do not think big; think God; God is Big!
Would anything be too hard for Him

His River of Fullness, Embracing His Bride!

We hope we may be a Blessing to you,

Theodora Maria Aquila Deborah 
& David Jozua Israël Immanuel
             ...and His Voice sounded as the sound of many Waters (Rev.1:15b)    
                             ...and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad (Mat.12:30)
                                              ...God's River Makes the sea Healthy.  (Ezek.47:8b)

Who is River of Fullness ? Introduction to His River
Prophetic Endtime Word: Psalm 33

See also the article (click):
'The Spiritual value of geographical places in relation to individual deliverance'
Kingdom Decree march 29, 2014 God Spoke:
the supposed dutch constitution is nullified
* in dutch; use translation program

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through email or skype from 9.30pm - 10pm.) 

                      EVERY DAY TEACHING 

Flowing Rhema Word

Breakthrough Prayer- & Release His Promise Nights

as He Leads; (international) Prayer Nights for Breakthrough and Release
of Anointing over the Blueprints of the New Jerusalem for His Body,
and the breaking of the leb kamai prayers (Jer.51:1, study on request).
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