Vision: defiled river and Pure River
Received in 2007


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Streams of Living Water will Flow from within you (John 7:38)

Vision: defiled river and Pure River 
Received in 2007 by Aquila Deborah (Dorine)


The defiled river
End 2007, I saw a huge wave of water approach and overflow the Christians, who were standing on their Rock, from behind. Many allowed the wave to drag them along, many jumped into it (Mat.7:26-27). A single individual remained standing and few people came back on their Rock. Those who came back, anchored deeper in the Rock than ever before (Mat.7:25). 

God spoke: “This is a defiled river. Do not touch it, I Am there.” 
(John 7:24, Mat.7:1, Mat.13:29, Mat.7:26, Isa.17:10a, 1 Cor.10:4-5).
Years later He Revealed:
'This is My army over which I Speak in Joel 2, the defiled army that I Use to Purify My Body'..

The Pure River
Then I saw a great, clear Wave of Water Approach and Overflow the Christians again from behind. This time, God Asked His Children to leave their Rock and allow the River to Move them along. I asked Him: "But it isn't good to let go of the Rock, is it?", and He Answered: 
"The Rock Remains in the River. 
(Rom.9:33, 1 Cor.10:4).
Later He Revealed: the Rock IS Jesus Christ, the Rhema Word, Anointing/Oil that Breaks yokes and Builds the House, THE Living Water that Flows from the Throne; one uninterrupted Pure River, over Which the Father Gives His Smile; Glory; Pure Glory...
In march 2009, all of a sudden He Gave His River of Glory to her. (In 2003 she saw in a Vision much, very much Water in the sky, with huge foaming crests on it..; the very same day an acknowledged prophetess confirmed this Vision to her, at a conference in Kassel, Germany; shortly before she had seen the same in florida and spoke: 'This is Prophetic, you are a woman of the Truth and God will Give you nations". 
In september 2009, prophet Lance Wallnau confirmed this and Prophesied: "There is a New Authority
in the Body of Christ"; the Fullness of His Seven Spirits, which Jesus only Received from the Father after His Resurrection. At that moment, the Order for the netherlands was Established and Released.  

God Spoke: “This is an Apostolic-Prophetic River and I Ask My Children to leave their comfort zone, to fully surrender themselves, so that I Can Reach My Goal through them in the Fivefold Ministry. This River Goes straight through the church walls and along the church structures made by people. The Love in this River Scrapes along the pillars of the structures made by organization, and weakens them; the Power of the Prayers from the Fivefold Ministry causes the pillars and walls to break.
In this River My Endtime Bride without spot or wrinkle is being Prepared.”
(Revelation 22:1).
Years later He Spoke: "It is the River that Makes the sea (defiled church) Healthy" (Eze.47:8).

See also the Prophetic Endtime Word from 2005 about Moving in His Water:

...join His River!

Source team,
           ...and His Voice sounded as the sound of many Waters (Rev.1:15b)    
                  ...and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad. (Mat.12:30)
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