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March 2017



Featured Topics


2017 Volunteer Registration
A signed registration form is required EVERY YEAR by each gardener. In order for the City's insurance to cover all volunteers, each person much be registered every year. The 2017 Registration Forms have been e-mailed to previous volunteers.

Hard copies can be found at the Museum, Education Nights and the Heritage Gardeners office. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator/Administrator for a digital copy. Click HERE to print your own copy.

Incentive Program
Once the registration form has been returned, your membership card will be issued. This entitles you to some great discounts at local stores and businesses. The discounts allow merchants and business owners to thank you for all the great work that you do at the waterfront! 

Cards will be printed in batches of ten and sent to each gardener by mail along with the hours tracking form and an updated copy of the list of discounts.  New discounts will be added to the page on the website and will be mentioned in the newsletter as they are added. The sooner you send in your registration form the sooner you can take advantage of the discounts!

Thank you to all the businesses who have participated in this incentive program to date. If you know of a business who would like to participate (or wish a certain business would be included) please have them contact the coordinator.

Use your card throughout the year and support North Bay's local businesses!
Honorary Heritage Gardener
In 1999 the Heritage Gardener’s Organization created the Honorary Heritage Gardener of the Year Award to recognize an individual or group in the community who is not a Heritage Gardener. The worthy recipient should exemplify our motto “Community Spirit in Full Bloom”, have demonstrated stewardship of the environment and reached out beyond their back yard. 

This is an opportunity for Heritage Gardeners to distinguish a person, family or a group in the community who deserves to be acknowledged and recognized. Last years winner was Sue Buckle from the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority. Please take few minutes to reflect upon someone within the community who has inspired you and nominate them to receive the award.  

Please think about who you would like to honor as an Honorary Heritage Gardener and submit your nomination by Wednesday, May 31, 2017 using the Nomination Form. These forms are also available at the Museum.
The Discovery North Bay Museum remains a drop-off and pick up locations point for volunteers. You may drop off items for Heritage Gardeners at the museum and we can leave items there for you to pick up. Please refer to the museum's website prior to your visit for their business hours.

We have a blue folder which contains registration forms, hours logs, election and honorary nomination forms, symposium/volunteer appreciation event forms etc. behind the desk of the gift shop.
Volunteer Hours and Log Sheets
Please return your 2016 Hours Log Sheet ASAP, if you have not done so already. Only registered gardeners are invited to the volunteer appreciation event so please talk to your team members to ensure they have received an invitation to the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Heritage Gardeners. Log sheets are available on our website or you may send an e-mail to the office with a total of all your volunteer hours.
Gardening Safety at the Waterfront
As the gardening season begins we need to remind you of safe gardening at the waterfront.
Here is a link to our safety guidelines.
A copy of these guidelines is available from our website as well. Please take a few minutes to re-acquaint yourself with the guidelines before you head out to the waterfront. Each year we remind you that there is a weight limit  of 25 pounds per bag for garden debris. Please ensure that you stay under this limit to prevent injury to yourself and staff at the waterfront who have to lift the bags from the ground to their truck for disposal.

Please consider wearing glasses or safety glasses when pruning shrubs and always be careful moving in your garden if you are near shrubs!
Education Nights
Date Event Location Details
April 6th
Native Plants North Bay Public Library, Auditorium Guest Speaker:
Carol Furlonger
May 2nd
Heritage Trees North Bay Public Library, Auditorium Guest Speaker: 
Edith George
May 13th
Annual Clean-up Blitz Rotary Rotunda by the Waterfront Clean and prune the Waterfront
June 3rd
20th Anniversary Celebration Rotary Rotunda and Kiwanis Band Shell Live Music and Lunch by the Waterfront. Guest: Mayor Al McDonald
September 7th 7:00pm Composting North Bay Public Library, Auditorium Speaker TBD
October 6th and 12th
Shade Gardening Discovery North Bay Museum, Canadian Pacific Gallery Speaker TBD
November 9th
Seasonal Arrangements North Bay Public Library, Auditorium Speaker TBD
ALL Education Night EVENTS ARE FREE!
Event details subject to change, please check our website or contact the Volunteer Coordinator/Administrator
Native Plants Education Night
Thursday, April 6, 2017
7:00-8:00 pm
Location:  Auditorium of the North Bay Public Library
271 Worthington St. E., North Bay
You are invited to share in a FREE evening of Education with the Heritage Gardeners.
On Thursday, April 6, 2017 our topic is “Native Plants” with Certified Horticulturalist, Carol Furlonger.

Carol has a passion for gardening and is fascinated with Native Plants.  She recently became appointed the Horticulturist Coordinator for the North Bay Heritage Gardeners.  Carol also has an established landscape design business, and has had floral arrangements available for sale in local craft shows.  She also volunteers as Team Lead with the Heritage Gardeners and is a Master Gardener.
Participants must pre-register by noon by Wednesday, April 5, 2017 by calling 705-472-4006 or emailing heritage.gardeners@heritagenorthbay.com

Heritage Gardeners News

Open Executive Committee Positions 2017

Executive Committee Co-Chair

The Executive Committee Co-Chair is a volunteer position that reports to the Heritage North Bay Board. The purpose of the position is to chair the committee meetings and act as an avid ambassador between the Volunteer Coordinator/Administrator and the Executive Committee. Responsibilities include, liaising Executive meetings, signing contracts and advising subcommittees. Excellent oral and written communicators that have the ability to be impartial, firm, detached and sensitive are encouraged to apply.

Executive Committee Recording Secretary 
The Executive Committee Recording Secretary is a volunteer position that reports to the Executive Committee Co-Chairs. The purpose of the Recording Secretary is to record the meeting minutes and maintain the records of the Executive meetings. Responsibilities of this role include recording and distributing meeting minutes. Excellent oral, written and computer skills are required for this position.

Executive Committee Advisor (2 open positions)
The Executive Committee Advisor position is a volunteer position that reports to the Executive Committee Co-chairs. The purpose of the position is to offer advice to the Co-Chairs and the Executive on policies, procedures, and organizational performances for the successful functioning of the organization. Responsibilities include providing guidance to the Executive members and reviewing procedures. Strong communicators with excellent organizational skills are encouraged to apply.

The time commitment for each position is approximately two hours each month to attend Executive Committee meetings and other activities.
If you are interested in joining the North Bay Heritage Gardener’s Executive Committee, please send a brief letter of intent to the Volunteer Coordinator/Administrator.


New Volunteer Coordinator/Administrator

Hello from the Heritage Gardeners Executive Committee,

The New Year is upon us and it has brought with it a lot of change in our office. After 10 years of dedicated service to the Heritage Gardeners, Monica McLaren has ended her employment with us. Monica will be moving to Southern Ontario very soon to join her husband who has accepted a position in the Southern Ontario area. Monica was instrumental in the growth and development of the beautiful gardens we all enjoy at the waterfront as well as the growth and development of our volunteer programme. We are very thankful that we were able to work with such a dedicated and hardworking person. We wish her good luck and happy gardening in her new community.

In December of 2016 our Executive Committee passed a resolution to change the part-time role of the Coordinator to a full-time position Volunteer Coordinator/Administrator. The new position will be focused on volunteer recruitment and retention as well as the general administration of all Heritage Gardeners business.

After what was a difficult selection process, we are pleased to announce the successful candidate for the new Volunteer Coordinator/Administrator position is Jade Scognamillo. Jade has decided to make North Bay her home and is excited about working with all of our volunteers and community partners. Jade is starting to settle in to her new position and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience that will benefit the Heritage Gardeners immensely. Jade was selected to receive a Wilfrid Laurier Centennial Full Scholarship because she encompassed leadership, passion, achievement, volunteerism, extracurricular activities and work experience with the desire to contribute to her community and beyond. She completed her BA in Geography with a minor in Communication Studies. She was extremely active in her previous community. Some of her previous activities include the Mayor of Caledon's Youth Council and she was a Wilfrid Laurier University Athletic Ambassador as well as representing Ontario as a Canadian Olympic Torch Bearer and was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Jade has experience as Event Promoter and Photographer and a Motivational Speaker. Much of this experience was gained from her involvement in Jade Swim4Life and her accomplishment in 2009 when she set a record as the youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario at the age of 15. In 2008 she became the youngest and fastest crosser of Lake Erie.

Jade is looking forward to meeting the many community partners and organizations that work directly or indirectly with the Heritage Gardeners and the Executive Committee of the Heritage Gardeners and is excited about embarking into a new direction during our 20th Anniversary year. Volunteer recruitment is the heart and soul of our organization and volunteers are a very precious resource we have to develop to guarantee the success of our programme.


North Bay Heritage Gardeners Executive Committee

New Horticultural Coordinator 
Hello Heritage Gardeners, 

Following the 2017 pattern of change, please welcome Carol Furlonger as the new Horticultural Coordinator with the North Bay Heritage Gardeners. Carol has proven her dedication to the North Bay Heritage Gardeners through her many years volunteering as Design Chair and gardening Team Leader. She will be continuing as Team Leader, Design Chair and Horticultural Coordinator for the 2017 season.

Carol has a passion for gardening and has been a certified Master Gardener since 2011. She is an established business woman who runs her own landscape design organization, and often creates arrangements to be sold at local craft shows. Carol attained her Horticultural certificate from the University of Guelph and has extensive knowledge ranging from native plants, soils and weed control. Carol brings with her an arsenal that includes landscape design, planning, flowerbed maintenance, plant identification and growing requirements. 

Her Master Gardening status has given her the opportunity to educate the public through presentations on topics such as native plants, garden design and container gardening. Carol will be presenting a speech on Native Plants at the upcoming Education Night on April 6th. 

Please welcome Carol as the new Horticultural Coordinator and do not hesitate to contact her regarding your gardening and design inquires. Carol welcome's this new opportunity and is excited to be a part of such an amazing organization. 


North Bay Heritage Gardeners Executive Committee 
20th Anniversary Celebration of the North Bay Heritage Gardeners
Saturday, June 3, 2017

From 10:00 AM

Location: North Bay Waterfront Park, Rotary Picnic Shelter, Kiwanis Band Shell

"Community Spirit in Full Bloom"

Join us at the waterfront to celebrate 20 years of Heritage Gardeners.

In 2017, the North Bay Heritage Gardeners will be celebrating a 20th Anniversary. The group's main focus is to enhance and beautify the North Bay Waterfront and other approved locations. The waterfront attracts many tourists to the area, and we are pleased to have played a major role in the beautification of this area. The North Bay Heritage Gardeners is a non-profit group dedicated to developing a year-round, community-based, educational, horticultural, and environmental program.

This year, we will be hosting a 20th anniversary and volunteer recognition event. Our goal is to recognize and thank the over 300 volunteers who have worked hard to maintain the waterfront.

Schedule of Events:

10:00 AM: All aboard the Chief Commanda II.

10:30 AM: Chief Commanda commences a 1 ½ hour cruise around Lake Nipissing

12:00 PM: Shore lunch at Waterfront Park, Rotary Picnic Shelter

*All guests are encouraged to bring chairs/blankets.

*Children and families are welcome.

ENTERTAINMENT: Maple Hill Project performance at Kiwanis Band Shell.

May 29, 2017 – June 4, 2017, has been proclaimed "Heritage Gardeners Week." Mayor Al McDonald will be reading the proclamation at the event.

The boat cruise is for registered volunteers only. Please make sure you have filled out a registration form and returned it to 112-245 Oak St. E., North Bay.

Do not hesitate to call or e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator/Administrator with questions and inquiries.

Please note that this event is being held in place of the annual Symposium volunteer appreciation event. 

Spring Team Leaders Meeting
Executive Elections 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Canadian Pacific Gallery of Discovery North Bay Museum
5:30-8:30 p.m.
Coffee, tea & dessert
Please RSVP by noon, Tuesday, March 29, 2017
Phone: 705 472 4006 or Email: heritage.gardeners@heritagenorthbay.com
Please come ready to tell us when you will be gardening in 2017!

If you are unable to attend, please send an alternate and let us know who it is. Team List, T-shirts, Name Tags and Registration forms will be available.


  1. Welcome & Introduction of Team Leaders and Executive Committee Members 
  2. Volunteer Coordinator Update, Jade Scognamillo
  3. Design Team Chair, Horticulture Coordinator, Carol Furlonger
  4. Team Gardening Schedule
  5. Safety Reminders
  6. Clean up Blitz on May 13, 2017
  7. Review process of requesting supplies, shed equipment, keys
  8. Reminders about fertilizing (trees and bulbs) 
  9. 2017 is the 20th Anniversary of Heritage Gardeners
  10. Honorary Gardener Nominations 
  11. Executive Elections 2017
Interesting Reads

Fundraising Items for Sale

Sprouting kits....................$25.00 plus tax
200g Organic mung beans.............. $3.00
400g Organic mung beans...............$5.00
Pollen Bee Emergence chambers
..........................................$20.00 plus tax
Pollen Bee Nests.............. $17.70 plus tax

*by Armstrong and Blackbury
Blank note cards of waterfront images
...............................................4 for $7.00 
Cooling Scarves......................$6.50 each

*made by Heritage Gardener volunteers from the Secret Keepers team.
  • Echinacia Purpurea
  • Echinacea Pallida
  • Rudebeckia Hirta "Goldstrum"
  • Gaillardia
Blue Bird Houses.............. $39.95 plus tax

These items are available for purchase in the museum gift shop through the cash register. 
Master Gardeners

The North Bay Area Master Gardeners are one of our many local partners. Many current and former Master Gardeners volunteer with us as Heritage Gardeners and help with Education Night speeches. We encourage you to check their website and to contact them via email with any houseplant, annual, perennial, herb, shrub, tree or vegetable gardening questions you may have at any time throughout the year. 
Contact the North Bay Area Master Gardeners at

Interested in becoming a Master Gardener?
Click HERE to access The Master Gardeners of Ontario website for the information you need to know. 
5 of the World's Most Bizarre Seeds
Click HERE for an interesting and informative video about some of the world's most bizarre seeds. 
Thank you for reading the North Bay Heritage Gardener's March 2017 Newsletter.
Your support as a volunteer is always appreciated.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill.

Earth Hour
Did you switch off this year? Earth Hour was on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Did you know that the 'plus' is there to promote awareness beyond Earth Hour? Click HERE for more information on the cause.
Earth Day, April 22, 2017

For more information, follow the HERE.
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Hay Bale Gardening
Hay bale gardening means no weeds, no fertilizer and less watering. This is an amazing but simple concept. To read the full article and watch an informative video, click HERE.
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Monday to Friday 9 am - 4 pm.
*closed from 12:30-1:30 for lunch

These hours are subject to change without notice. Please call or email to ensure that someone will be there and wait for confirmation.
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