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What We Do for Business Owners and Teams

  • Bring calm to chaos, conflict or confusion
  • Brainstorm ideas / solve problems
  • Identify what stops you from achieving your goals
  • Take your ideas from thoughts to actions
  • Define Values, Mission, Vision
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Develop Time Mastery skills


  • Retreats and Off-site Meetings
  • CEO Roundtable Meetings
  • Board Meeting
  • Facing/Having Difficult Conversations
  • Effective Networking
  • Time Mastery
  • Work/Life  Balance

Who Benefits from Working with FFP

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Sales People
  • Managers
  • Business Partners

Shh!  Listen - Silence is Golden

Whether you’re a business owner, a sales person, a mom, dad, brother, sister or friend – sharpening your listening skills will lead to stronger relationships. 

When you ask a question, pause, take a moment, and give the person you’re asking the time to respond.  Some people need a moment or two to process a response.  Most of us are uncomfortable with silence and will fill it in with the sound of our own voice.   
When you fill the silence you lose a lot of opportunities. 

If you’re a sales person, you could lose the opportunity of discovering what your potential client may need.  If you’re a business owner, you may miss a good idea from one of your staff.  On a personal level, you might fail to hear something that could deepen your relationship.  It’s possible that the person you asked the question of will feel that you really didn’t want to know the answer and there could be a loss of trust.

Recently, as I was working with a client, we talked about his listening skills and he realized that he often jumped in and answered questions himself.  During our coaching session, we designed a simple way so that he would give people time to answer.  He started counting silently and gave his clients the time to answer.  One result was an insight into a client's needs that he wasn't aware of. Listening paid off for him in a way he hadn't expected.

Improving your ability to listen is vital to your success.  My skills as a facilitator and Registered Corporate Coach will prepare you to ask the questions and respond in a way the gives you the outcome you’re looking for. Contact me for a free thirty-minute consultation - I'll be happy to listen and brainstorm with you.     

CEO Roundtable

Are you a small business owner or sales professional who is looking for a group that you can bring your ideas and challenges to?  A group to brainstorm and problem solve with?
Each month I facilitate a dynamic CEO Roundtable. The Roundtable provides our members with new ideas and innovative ways to solve business challenges in a safe, relaxed, and productive environment.

Right now we have openings for attorneys, web designers, IT people and several other professions.  Contact me to talk about attending a Roundtable meeting free of charge., 678.524.2380 see more....

Get Ready For Some Changes

Some exciting changes are coming.  We're getting:
  • A New Name
  • A New Website
  • A New Focus
Stay tuned........



Fast Forward Process 


Fast Forward Process
Linda Zuk Coaching


See What Our Clients are Saying About Us 

"I have avoided developing my company's mission and vision for years, because I didn't know where to start. Linda walked me through the process and it was so simple doing it with her. I have also set goals for the direction of my company (as I have done many times in the past). Working with Linda, I am actually working on those goals and moving toward some exciting results. Linda is gentle, yet firm in guiding me though these processes. She has invaluable insight and words of encouragement when I become frustrated & stuck."

Michelle Austell, CPA, Atlanta, GA.


"Starting and managing a new law firm can be intense. For five years, Linda has helped us adapt to our ever-changing practice and channel our energies into serving our clients"

Chris Miller, Robinson & Miller, PC, Alpharetta, GA.


Responses from surveys of Linda's clients: 

  • "I've developed a mature sense of my place as a business owner, so that I'm less reactive and more 'in control."
  • "Since I've started working with you, I've accomplished more this year than any other."
  • "You are a good listener; able to help set priorities, goals, timeline & benchmarks to measure/hold accountable for achievement."
  • "You have a keen ear for tension and sharp analysis of core issues that are creating problems in a business environment."
  • "I get concise answers to my questions and you are helpful in helping me formulate my questions when I call upset and unclear about the issues."
  •  "You hold me accountable to accomplish my goals."
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