A lot has been happening here at Oldfarm.... so we wanted to share

What an honour!

Having spent the week re-assessing, and believe me there were some tough decisions being made, it was lovely to finish off the week on a complete high.  Look what arrived in Friday's post!  We are still completely blown away!

Thank you to John and Sally McKenna - you made our week!

Thank you!

and apologies

Firstly we want to say thank you to all of you!  You have been so patient with us.  This year has been a tiny bit (slight exaggeration there) chaotic for us. 

Alfie damaging his back early in the year was one set back, but then when he ended up in hospital last month, that really threw us into total disarray.  While I can manage the general day to day maintenance and feeding, I am afraid I am not much good at loading animals to get them to the abbatoir and butcher on my own.  So production, i.e. our supply of pork and bacon, suffered greatly.

This past week has been one of reassessing and replanning so that we will be able to cope should anything like this happen again!

And the good news is that from next week we will be back on track, and plan to have a full range of pork and bacon for you all in the next couple of weeks!  Plenty of sausages and rashers available for the Christmas breakfast so get your orders in!

Our blog

Have you been following our blog?

If you have you'll know that we won the Best Lifestyle Blog 2012, if you haven't maybe you'd like to start following it, and hearing about the ups and downs of life here at Oldfarm, and maybe even the occasional rant!

Piglets for Sale

And just in case you are wondering what to get someone for Christmas.... look no further!  We have some pure breed Gloucester Old Spot boars (12 weeks old) for sale at €85.00 each.  Someone you know would love some (-_-)
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