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New features and 50% offer

Improve your website's quality, SEO and user experience. Find out more

PeacockMedia's flagship application, Scrutiny, will shortly be available at a 50% discount. The suite of webmaster tools includes link checking, sitemap, SEO, spelling and grammar, site search and more, and is used by larger organisations and individuals alike. It seems fair to give the smaller businesses the opportunity to buy at a more affordable price.

Two important features have been added since I last wrote. The first is shown above: live view. There were very good reasons for the new UI in v5 but not being able to see the results as they happen hasn't been popular. So if your site isn't large, and if you don't mind slowing the crawl a little, then you can switch on the live view. This can also help diagnose incorrect settings. More about live view here.

There are various reasons why you might want to archive your site during the scan. Ever since the early days of Integrity, it's been possible to create an archive while scanning. But it's been little more than a dump of the html. Reproducing the directory structure and processing the files so that the archive can be browsed in a web browser (like sitesucker-type applications) is no mean feat, but this is now an option in Scrutiny. More about that here.

For a week from next Monday, 15 Feb, Scrutiny will be on offer at 50% discount.

If you've never tried it, why not download now and take advantage of the free 30-day trial? (Only exporting is disabled)

If you already use Scrutiny version 4 or earlier, this offer applies only to new licences, but an upgrade  is available for less than buying a new licence at 50%  

Details of how to take advantage of this offer will be here on the PM blog...

Swinsian support in Screensleeves

Have you tried Swinsian as a music player? I've been very frustrated by iTunes and love Swinsian's clean looks and simple operation

Swinsian is now added to the list of music players supported by Screensleeves. Find out more...
Thanks for reading. I hope that 2016 is working out well for you.

- Shiela
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