We now offer Anti-Microbial compounds functionalized with safe and biocompatible molecules.
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Functionalized Anti-Microbial Compounds for Controlled Release Applications

This month, we would like to announce our new portfolio of functionalized antimicrobial compounds, prepared from common antimicrobial agents such as Triclosan, Capsaicin and Chloroxylenol. We functionalize these agents with safe and biocompatible molecules such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, p-dioxanone and caprolactone that are key components of commercial absorbable medical devices.

This functionalization enhances the native value of anti-microbial compound and allows for the controlled release of anti-microbial compounds at the site of action over desired time-period.

Furthermore, these compounds are hydrolysable and have improved bioavailability and efficacy. They are anticipated to degrade into safe and biocompatible molecules along with the active anti-microbial ingredient upon hydrolytic degradation. When incorporated in a bulk material or applied as a part of a coating, these antimicrobial compounds will provide extended anti-microbial properties to the substrate. 

We are also working on functionalizing a number of natural anti-microbial compounds belonging to the class of flavonoids, polyphenols, catechins, alkaloids, coumarins and tannins. These will be available for commercialization once we have completed the studies.

Commercial Applications

  • Soaps and hand-washes
  • Laundry detergents and softeners
  • Plastics (e.g. toys, cutting boards and kitchen utensils)
  • Implantable and non-implantable medical devices
  • Surgical scrubs & Hospital disinfectants
  • Cosmetics and shaving creams
  • Beddings and trash bags
  • Acne treatment products
  • Hair conditioners
  • Pesticides
  • Hot tubs and plastic lawn furniture

Biomaterial Applications

  • Anti-microbial surgical sutures
  • Anti-microbial surgical scrubs and drapes
  • Anti-microbial catheters to prevent Catheter related Blood Stream Infection (CRBSI)
  • Anti-microbial coating on medical devices
  • Anti-microbial solutions and sprays to prevent wound infection
  • Antimicrobial non-woven and woven fabrics
  • Anti-microbial and pain relieving gels and ointments
Figure  4.  Hydrolysable  Triclosan  based  Compounds  and  Dimers  Formed  via 
Esterification  of  Triclosan  with  Hydroxyacids  and  Diacids  (a)  Glycolic  Acid 
Functionalized Triclosan (b) Diglycolic Acid Functionalized Triclosan (c) Hydroquinone 
Diglycolic Acid Functionalized Triclosan (d) Hydroquinone p-Dioxanone Functionalized 
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These compounds are made available through INDOFINE's sister company, Bezwada Biomedical, LLC. Please visit to learn more, or follow the link below to our PDF catalog of Hydrolysable Amines.

Our capabilities and experience make us the perfect solution for all of your manufacturing needs. For more information, or to inquire about a product, please visit us at, call at 1-908-359-6778, or reply to this newsletter today!
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