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Functionalized Flavonoids

In order to enhance the efficacy and solubility of Flavonoids, researchers at INDOFINE Chemical Company have developed functionalized flavonoids with tunable hydrolytic degradation profiles. These compounds can be designed and tuned to degrade at a controlled rate under physiological conditions.

Upon degradation of the functionalized molecule, the Flavonoid is released as such, along with safe and biocompatible products, including glycolic acid, lactic acid, p-dioxanone and caprolactone molecules. These molecules are building blocks of a majority of biodegradable polymers used in controlled delivery of drugs and pharmaceutically active compounds.
Below we have listed several functionalized forms of Genistein, one of many Flavonoids available directly through INDOFINE Chemical Company.
Glycolic acid functionalized Genistein
Lactic acid functionalized Genistein
p-Dioxanone functionalized
Caprolactone functionalized Genistein
INDOFINE Chemical Company is committed to providing high quality rare organic molecules, biochemicals and natural products for research purposes. We also offer custom synthesis, contract research, process development and toll manufacturing for the pharmaceutical, agricultural and life science industries.

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