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This weeks topic:


Mindfulness isn't a cure for all of life's problems, but it can make them easier to navigate. Mindfulness is power, happiness and elevated emotional intelligence (among other things). More and more people are seeing the benefits and incorporating mindfulness into their lives; companies like Google, Apple and Nike are including it in their employee development training. Check out some facts about mindfulness, a proven technique to help you introduce mindfulness into your life and some other fun tidbits below.

  1. Mindfulness is the awareness of thought. When we practice mindfulness we become aware of and manage our thoughts (a core component of emotional intelligence). 
  2. When you change your thoughts, you can change your life (more about that here).
  3. Those who practice mindfulness are less stressed, better able to manage difficult situations and get better sleep. 
  4. Last week's topic, social connection, is associated with mindfulness because mindfulness will help us generate positive views of our relationships and feel more connected.
  5. Mindfulness is a learned skill that many people may give up on because they think they are doing it wrong (most likely, you’re not). 
  6. Everyone has the ability to be mindful and it takes time to learn. See the action item below to help you incorporate mindfulness into your life. 
  7. Mindfulness is linked to meditation, but it is not meditation. When you meditate you are being mindful of your thoughts and also quieting them.
  8. Real-life examples are a great learning tool. I want you to have your best shot at learning mindfulness so I wrote an article with examples of how I incorporate mindfulness into my life here
📖 Buddha says: "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

💅 Quick tip: Being aware of thought is being mindful. So if you think you are practicing mindfulness incorrectly, because you can't quiet your thoughts, you are actually aware of your thoughts, and you're doing it right!

👂 Focus point: Take an objective view of thoughts. Focus on allowing them to be, instead of labeling them as good or bad.

💪 Action Item: Mindfulness is a very valuable tool. Click here to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your life with the “Floating Leaves” technique. Click here for a beautiful PDF I made outlining the practice. The PDF will be great for reference and to help you remember to practice mindfulness. Make it the background on your phone!
🗞️ Lyndsey News & Updates (this past week has been very exciting for me!)
  • 📥 I'm super excited to continue this newsletter and I love seeing the audience grow!
  • 💬 Learned a new word that I LOVE: pejorative. Means “expressing discontent or disapproval.”
  • 📚 Decided to give Hemingway another go. Put it down about 10 minutes in. Can now say with 100% certainty he’s not for me.
  • 🍂 Went for a walk in the park and was completely present as I watched the leaves fall from the trees, life truly is wonderful sometimes. Picture from my walk below.
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