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Early Spring Newsletter (February-March 2014)

The 2014 Arizona Financial Face-off Date is Finalized!

Mark your calendars for this year's Arizona Financial Face-off! The date has been finalized to April 12th. Expect a new format with this year's competition as teams will be tested not only on knowledge, but decision making as well.

Financial Tip:

Making credit payments on time is one of the biggest factors in determining your credit score. Set up monthly payment reminders for each credit account you have to ensure you meet your monthly payments on time and do not fall behind on accounts. This is one of the most simple and effective methods towards improving your credit score. Some banks offer text messaging or email reminders when payments are due while other banks, credit cards and loan providers offer automatic payments. Enrolling in these methods of reminders are wonderful tools in helping manage and build your credit! (Source:

Featured Cat: 
Paulina Chavez

After a successful month studying abroad in Spain, Paulina is back with the Take Charge Cats this semester. Paulina is more than halfway through her sophomore year at the University of Arizona and is continuing her double major in Retail and Spanish. 

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Valentines Day Finance!

Did you have a special someone this year to spend Valentines Day with? Well, if so, did you spending $213 on them? That is the average amount that Americans spent on Valentine's Day this year. A huge jump from 2011 when it was just $116 per America. The total money spent on Valentines Day in America is estimated around $36.8 billion this year! (Source:

Don't Underestimate the Spending Power of Young Adults!

As spring break is upon us, did you know that college aged adults  (ages 18-24) , represent over $170 Billion dollars in annual discretionary spending? A sizeable percentage of that money is spent during the next few weeks for spring break in the United States. (Source: New York Times)